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Reviewing the LoanTech site, it is crystal clear that LoanTech doesn’t offer any retail product(s) or service(s). This, therefore, means you don’t expect to join the investment platform and begin selling/marketing certain products or services.

While this article exhaustively reviews LoanTech, it will help you find out genuine information including whether the investment platform is legit or possibly another Ponzi scheme.

Frankly, membership in LoanTech requires you to be an affiliate. And to stand a great chance of earning from the platform, you really have to upscale your (affiliate) membership status.

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What Does LoanTech Compensation Plan Seem Like?

LoanTech adopts a compensation plan that rewards you for being an affiliate investing in the platform. Basically, the compensation plan promises you a reward of 3% daily ROI for an investment ranging between $10 and $30,000.

During your monthly investment as a LoanTech affiliate, you have to take note of the platform’s claim of break-even on the 22nd day of the investment. But to boost your returns, LoanTech further claims that on the 30th day, you’ll have earned as much as $34,752.00 (provided that you invested $30,000). The bottom line here is that you’ll be making $4,752.00 by day 30 of your investment.


LoanTech Referral Commissions

While LoanTech utilizes a two-tier level-based compensation plan, LoanTech referral commissions represent a certain percentage of invested funds. So, for Level 1 (specialized for personally sponsored affiliates), the referral commission ranges from 10% to 20%. In the second place, Level 2 attracts the referral commission of 2%.

LoanTech Investment Commission Rates

Your commission rate, as a LoanTech affiliate, increases along with an increase in investment. Put simply, you’ll qualify for a higher commission rate by increasing your investment.

Below are the various LoanTech investment ranges and the associated commission rates:

  • An investment range of $10 –$499 (attracts a 10% commission rate)
  • $500 –$2999 (a 12% commission rate)
  • $3000 and above (a 15% commission rate)


LoanTech Membership Statuses and Associated Rewards

LoanTech does have high-grade membership statuses and qualifying for any of them tends to boost your commissions. To qualify for any of these high-grade statuses, you’ll have recruited a considerable number of active members for the platform.

Below are the high-grade statuses and what you stand to benefit from them:

  • Leader Status: Before you can advance to this status, which rewards you with a $300 flat bonus coupled with 5%+ commissions, you must have recruited 100 active LoanTech members. Notably, further recruiting 100 active members will earn you an additional $500 bonus
  • Power Affiliate: To advance to this status, which rewards you with a $100 flat bonus coupled with 3%+ commissions, you must have recruited 50 active LoanTech members. Notably, further recruiting 50 active members will earn you an additional $300 bonus


Is LoanTech a Legit Investment Platform?

Of course, there are a number of valid criticisms that have thrown doubt around the legit status of LoanTech. One of such criticisms is that LoanTech, despite labeling itself a UK-based company, is not registered with UK’s FCA. Other criticisms suggesting that LoanTech is just another scam of an investment platform include:

  1. The absence of evidence-based information to prove LoanTech’s claim of reeling in external revenue via AI trading and crowdfunding
  2. LoanTech doesn’t offer any tangible products neither does it render any known services


In addition to the aforementioned criticisms concerning the validity of LoanTech, it’s notable that the real owner(s) of LoanTech is/are not known. Chris D Wright, who is described as the founder and CEO of the company, looks like a fake personality, going by the information in his Facebook profile.

Also, Chris Wright doesn’t look like an already-established personality who existed prior to his purported launch of LoanTech on 2nd of February, 2020.


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