List of Savings and Loan companies in Ghana (2021)

Savings Companies In Ghana

We have compiled on this page the list of top savings and loan companies in Ghana today.

1. ASA Savings and Loans

ASA International established its affiliate in Ghanayear in 2007. The Ghanaian branch has introduced the business model of ASA as obtainable with its other affiliates.

ASA Savings and Loans Ltd (ASA Ghana) has a heavy social emphasis and primarily targets low-income female micro-entrepreneurs. The bulk of its activities are based on peri-urban areas.

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2. First Ghana Savings and Loans Limited

First Ghana Savings and Loans Limited (FGSL)  is another leading micro-lender in Ghana. The bulk of their service is deposit investment, offering loan to SMEs, Auto car financing, Mortgage, and lots more.

The firm began in 1956 under the name First Ghana Building Society (FGBS), in 2006 the Corporation was turned into a Limited Liability Firm so as tom make more profit, further compete in the industry, respond to technical and economic developments in Ghana as well.

3. Advans Ghana Savings & Loan LTD

Advans Ghana is a financial institution that provides the ability for Ghanaian SMEs, micro-entrepreneurs, and individuals to develop their companies and boost their living standards by offering adapted loans and affordable financial services.

4. Izwe Savings & Loans Kotobabi

Izwe Savings & Loans for more than 7 years pride itself to have enriched lives. Over 108,400 individuals have trusted the company to offer them financial assistance in order for them to be able to achieve their set dreams and goals.

Since the inception of the company in 2011, quite a number of entities and individuals have looked up to them for financial support and they have always been up on their promises of making others’ aspirations become a reality.

Other Savings and Loans Companies in Ghana

Company Name


Phone Number

ASA Savings and Loans Accra, Ghana +233 30 232 8405
First Ghana Savings and Loans Ltd
Izwe Savings & Loans Kotobabi Accra, Ghana +233 30 220 8222
Pan-African Savings and Loans Company Limited Accra, Ghana +233 57 555 7777
Adehyeman Savings And Loans Limited Accra, Ghana +233 30 225 2076
Opportunity International Head Office Accra, Ghana +233 30 261 0000
Bond Savings & Loans Ltd. Accra, Ghana +233 54 431 4705
Midland Savings & Loans Accra, Ghana +233 30 709 9863
Direct Savings and Loans Corporate Office Accra, Ghana +233 30 396 9555
SIC Life Savings & Loans Ghana +233 57 773 7826
The Seed Funds Savings and Loans Ltd. Accra, Ghana +233 30 393 2160
BestPoint Savings and Loan Accra, Ghana +233 30 393 2990
First Allied Savings and Loans Ltd Accra, Ghana +233 50 535 9722
Jins Savings And Loans +233 30 241 9424
Bayport Savings & Loans(HQ) Accra, Ghana +233 30 274 5454
Progress Savings and Loans +233 50 167 8289
Golden Pride Savings & Loans Ltd
Equity Savings & Loans Accra, Ghana +233 30 254 1449
UTRAK Savings and Loans Limited Accra, Ghana +233 20 511 5501
Best Point Savings & Loan H/Q Accra, Ghana
Advans Ghana Savings & Loan LTD Accra, Ghana
Assurance Savings And Loans Accra, Ghana +233 54 157 3171
Golden Pride Savings & Loans Ltd.(Head Office) Accra, Ghana +233 30 220 8383
ABii National Savings & Loans Mamobi Branch Accra, Ghana
ABii National Saving And Loans Accra, Ghana +233 57 770 9000
Global Access Savings and Loans Accra, Ghana +233 30 341 3614
Goldenlink Savings And Loans Accra, Ghana +233 30 222 3826
OmniBSIC Bank Ghana Ltd Accra, Ghana +233 30 708 6000
Advans Ghana Savings And Loans, New Town Road Accra, Ghana +233 30 708 4522
Direct Savings and Loans – Accra Branch Accra, Ghana +233 30 396 9550
Ideal Finance Limited Accra, Ghana +233 30 254 3436
Profin Ghana LImited +233 30 224 3045
Pan-African Savings And loans Company (Ashtown Branch) Kumasi, Ghana +233 30 278 2750
Chrisline Financial Services Limited Accra, Ghana


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