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List building

Before driving you into what email list building strategy is and how it can benefit your business I will start by asking you a question.

Have you ever been to a website where you are told to drop your email address and name in exchange for something (like ebook)?

I guess you have seen something like that before and that is where list building actually starts.

Am just pondering if you have ever tried to figure out what it means, well today you are going to know everything about list building and how you can use it to 10x your RIO.

What is list building?

Email list building

List building is when you build a community of people that are interested in the same thing and you are able to build a relationship with them where they see you as an expert or an authority.

You definitely need to have access to some of their contact details and you must have a way of contacting them from time to time so that you are able to create rapport with them.

Let me give you an analogy, so you understand better.

Am quite sure you know Akin Alabi (the founder of he first of all started Information Marketing Business, Years ago. There was an online forum known as Alabi Forum which was at and the forum is a place where people who are interested in learning how to make money online gather together to learn and share ideas.

Since Akin Alabi is the main expert on the forum (he established himself as the expert), he is the main person that co-ordinates what happens on the forum and he is able to build relationship with everybody on that forum. Because of this, he has a high level of credibility and when he comes up with a product or he recommends one, people would always go for the product even if it is an average product.

Now, from the definition of list building, you will realize that Akin Alabi build his list and that was one of his secret to success in information Marketing Business.

Not all those Yada Yada Information entertainment bloggers keep posting about Akin Alabi

OKAY, let’s keep sailing.

A lot of business people are losing a lot of money just because they do not have access to a list of their customers.

Let me explain something to you here.

There was a business man who contacted me on Whatapp, His name is Gerald Udoka, according to him he said he got my number through my site and he is a avid reader of and he also have my site bookmarked on his chrome (A big thanks to him).

I want to use him to cite an analogy. He his into dropshipping and he told me that what actually interest him most on my site was my publication on How to build a full-fledged online business, where I did mention the use of email marketing /automation.

This is just the summary of our discussion.

Gerald Udoka: I do run successful advert on Facebook that got likes and comments and of which attracts prospective buyers but the problem I am facing his that after the first contact these customers won’t contact me again.

Mitrobe: Can you re-connect with your customers.

Gerald Udoka: No.

Now, that is were he his losing money, he forgo list building.

According to the customer relationship management, it reveals that customers may not be willing to buy on the first interaction with a product, so the need to build list arises to enable you remind the customer about your product or services.

Let’s say you own a Furniture Workshop and you have already learnt how to build a list. In this case, what you have to do is to carefully keep a record containing the contact details of most people who come into your shop even if they do not buy anything.

So, let’s say you are only able to get their names and phone numbers, with this you can inject an inflow of cash into your business anytime.


First, you build a relationship with this people by sending them relationship building SMS/emails like golden nuggets, greetings and other things that will be accepted with a good heart and you let them know that it is from you.

Then, at some point in the month, you can put together an amazing bonanza for your customers so that they can come and buy some things at a low price within a time limit.

Now, because you have their contact details and you have been able to build a relationship with them, you should expect people rushing into your shop within that time period that the offer exists.

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As a matter of fact, the fact that you are able to even add value to the lives of these people by sending them valuable messages on their phone will get them to always prefer to come over to your shop anytime they want to buy something than to go to the shops of your competitors.

This is just another one of the things that can be achieved by list building.

Now that you have fully known what list building is, without wasting much ado let me take you to my arsenal where I show you how to build a reliable list.

4 Expert Strategy to Email List Building

Okay, so the perquisites for building a list is simply this.

  1. Decide on your list niche
  2. Create an offer strategy that will be irresistible
  3. Grow and manage your relationship with your listing
  4. Find useful offers and sell or recommend it to them

Don’t panic, we will look into these list building process one after the other.

Step 1 – Decide on your list niche

The first thing is that you need to decide on, is the niche of your list in other words the subject matter.

This is very important because it will be silly of you to build a list on people who are interested on making money through blogging and you start sending or promoting offer (like How to pass your Jamb) that is totally not targeted towards their interest?

So in this case you have to determine the group of people you want the list to be about, you can create as many list as you want on different niche.

I hope you are getting this.

So, let me end this segment by giving you an idea of different areas where you can build a list. Note that in each area, you either have to know enough about the subject or you must have access to an expert who know enough about the subject.

Here is a Top Trends to start building list

  1. People want to lose weight and become fit .
  2. People want to learn how they can make money online.
  3. people want to learn how they can start and develop a business
  4. People want to learn how they can sell more and get more customers in their business.
  5. people want to learn how to master public speaking
  6. People want to learn to become Forex traders
  7. People want to learn how to do mini importation

Step – Create An Offer Strategy That Will Be Irresistible

The Breakfast Club John Bender GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Once you have decided on the group of people that you want to build the list on, it is now time to put together an offer that is irresistible so that the people you are targeting will give you their contact details and start to have some level of trust in you.

What do I mean by an offer?

When you want some group of people who are likely new to you to give you their contact details, you need to give them something valuable to buy them in your list.

This is also known as a lead magnet because each person who responds to your list is known as a lead, while your offer is regarded as the magnet. These are common terms used in email marketing.

Here is an illustration:

Let’s say the list you want to build is targeted towards people who are interested in doing Mini Importation, it would be useless if you decide to offer them a report on “how to do website designing” because they don’t need something like that.

Instead, you can offer them something like “List of the Best Cheapest Courier to roll with”

It would also work better if they are able to perceive that what you are offering them is something that is of high value. They will jump at the opportunity of submitting their contact details immediately.

Of course, not every one of them are going to submit their correct details and you do not have to worry about that. The people who submit fake contact details are people who are not going to buy anything from you and you shouldn’t worry about them anyway. (you don’t need them)

So, what I am saying here is that the offer that you are giving people must be something that of value and irresistible for them to see the offer and scroll away without buying into it.

Here are various forms of advertising that you can use to spread your message.

  1. Classified/Display adverts in magazines or newspapers
  2. Facebook adverts
  3. Google adwords adverts

All of the above are paid means of publicizing your lead magnet.

One free way that you can use to advertise your lead magnet for free and get people to join your list is by using online forums. Right now, there are various forums online that are targeted to various groups of people.

There are forums for people who want to lose weight, football fans, gamblers, marketers.

Just name it.

And the best way to locate any number of forum that you want is by going to and searching for the forums.

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As soon as you get the forums, you will have to register there and start participating in the conversations going on there.

NOTE – Online forums are majorly meant for discussion so if you go there and you start to do any promotion right away. You will be banned. The way to go about this is to simply share useful info and then put your small advert at the end of your message.

That works online.

Recently, Facebook came into the game and it has been a great impact. You can also use Facebook to build a list for free.

What you do is to locate Facebook pages that have to do with the subject you are working on.

For instance, let’s say you are working on a topic like “Dating For Guys,” simply use the Facebook search bar to look if such page exists. Once you do that, make a list of all the pages that come up. Like them and start to participate on them and also remember to direct people to check out your lead magnet. This must be done with style or else, people will start to accuse you of using the page to advertise.

So, there you go.

When you advertise your lead magnet either through paid means of free means, you are indirectly telling people to join your list and get access to it.

Step 3 – Grow and manage your listing

List building

This is a very crucial stage of list building, most infopreneuers seldom flops when it come to this page.

After Buying people into your list through your lead magnet, what you need to start doing is to ensure you present yourself as an authority in that field. In other words and expert.

As at this stage, it is very important that everything that you do is targeted towards making your list members to see you as somebody who knows what he is talking about and someone who cares.

And under no circumstances must you be boring.

This is where a lot of people who attempt to build lists get it all wrong. Once you become boring to the people who are your list subscribers, they will stop reading your message and once they stop reading your message, the list is of no value again because you won’t be able to communicate any message to them again.

If it get too far they will even unsubscribe from your email list.

You have to do all it takes to put the people in your email list under full control, by giving them knowledge, time, love, entertainment they would never dare to miss out.

Tips to keep people in your email list loyal

  1. Establish yourself as an authority (if you are using an expert, the list members should see the expert as an expert) This is important.
  2. Apply the law of reciprocity by adding value to their lives via what you give to them. The law of reciprocity is based on the fact that when you do something that is important for people for people, they will have the urge to also return it in some form. It might be by buying your products, defending you etc
  3. They must know that you care for them and you must truly do. This is important and there is no way you can fake it. For instance, if you are building a list of people who want to lose weight and you are just doing it solely to make money without caring in anyway for the people, it is going to show in the way you communicate with them and you won’t be able to influence them well enough which will also affect the rate at which they buy your products.

Step 4 – Find Useful Offers And Sell Or Recommend It To Them

This is the part where money starts to flow in.

Once you have been able to kick start the process of list building and the list is now growing and you are already in their good hearts ( they trust and believe you)

It is now time to start selling.

To do this, you can either look for products that are useful for them and recommend it to them in such a way that you stand to get a good commission (affiliate marketing) or you can just create your own product if you can do so.

I am certain you are understanding the whole process. .

How To Establish Yourself as An Authority

In every area that you can think of, people are always looking for experts that they can follow but how do they know if you are an expert or not? Simple.

All you have to do is to come out and let them know that you are an expert. Of course, I don’t mean you have to blatantly say “I am a Forex trading expert” but you can say I have been studying the best approach to Forex trading a long time. And I have 20 years experience in the field.

You also need to establish yourself as an authority by demonstrating higher value. A way to do that is to get access to very useful information that is not
common and share it with the members on your list.

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Most of the time, such information is what is readily available in books but because people do not read,
they do not know about them and when you mention it, they are like Wao, this guy must be an expert on this subject.

In addition, you must be confident about whatever it is that you are talking about which means you really must have a good measurable idea of what you are
talking about.

Does List Building Have to Be Online or Offline?

Before the internet came to be, people have been building lists of prospects, customers etc. But when the internet came, it made the process faster, easier and less expensive.

For instance, if you wanted to build a list of people who are interested in Agricultural Produce for instance, you would have to run adverts on it telling people to call you and drop their address or you would tell them to send a SASE (known as a self addressed stamped envelope)

You will now be getting in touch with them via letters through the post office. Apart from the fact that it takes a long time before your letters get to your list members, it is also very expensive. Imagine you having to buy a N50 stamp to put on each envelope to send a mail to 1000 people.

But with the arrival of the internet, you can use the internet to send the mail across to them without spending any money and they will also get the mail very fast.

How to start building your own money making email list.

How to start online business

We have reach the phase for you to take Action today and start building your own money making list.

With the advancement of technology you don’t need to have a website of your own before you can start building your own email list. I recall I made mention of the word Squeeze Page.

There are many handy digital tools to help you build and mange your email list, but for business and credibility purposes I would recommend the best one for you and that is It is a free and paid tool in other word before you can access some of it features you must subscribe to a premium plan.

Hurry fast, Use this external link below to Sign up and get a A month free premium package to access all of it features. comes with a lot of beautiful Ready made squeeze pages/landing page for you to use, so all you need to do is to purchase a hosting and a domain to set it up.

Without stressing yourself you can hire me to do that for you, or to lecture on how you can build one yourself.

The while process of building a email list is a lengthen one that will need a proper direction. I won’t really go into that because I have layer out the whole process in an Ebook for those who are partaking in my 29 DAYS information Marketing challenge.

However, I have recently sold some copies of my in depth guide that goes a long way about building a money making list the Ultimate Guide To Information Marketing.


This PDF report goes alongside my training on Information Marketing Business tagged 29 days challenge of information Marketing success

What you are going to learn ranges from
• How to come up with a hot information products
• How to create a squeeze page
• How to drive free traffic to your squeeze page.
• How to crafts irresistible sales copies
• How to setup an autoresponder
• How to close sales and do away with your earning.

If you would like to get deeper into the world of information Marketing where you are able to learn more about
• autoresponders,
• squeeze pages,
• how to handle messages to your list members,
• How to present an irresistible offer
• And lot more

You have to get a more detailed course that can help you with that.

In case you will like to get this Ultimate Guide To Information Marketing from me, I can help you out by sending you a copy and also enrolling you on the 29 days lecture so you get equip to start a successful information marketing business.

Kindly use the contact form below and request for it.


If you have a business running either online or offline and you don’t have a list, consider that you are making half the sum of money you ought to be making. The subject of list building is something that can be broad and that is why there are a lot of materials on it.

I would love to hear from you, WHEN WILL YOU START BUILDING AN EMAIL LIST?

Kindly use the comment section to answer, I will surely reply and give you another value added tips.

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