Lion's Share Reviews 2020 – Is Lion's Share Smart Contract Scam or Legit?

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Lion’s Share Reviews 2020 – Is Lion’s Share Smart Contract Scam or Legit?

Before we dive deep into what Lion’s Share is, let us look at what a Smart Contract is first. This is the way you will be able to understand the Lion’s Share system very well. Smart Contract is the agreement made between the buyer and seller and the contract which executes itself, is then written into blocks of codes. Therefore, the code that stores the agreement exists on a blockchain network that is distributed and decentralized.So, this agreement code that carries the contract will control the execution of the transactions. Lion’s Share is a new way of Smart Contract and is better than Forsage. Lion’s Share website launched on June 13th, 2020 and lots of people anticipated the release up to 100,000 people awaited it. In this article, we will be explaining what the Lion’s Share Smart Contract is all about and we will give a comprehensive review of it. Lion’s Share Smart Contract business is a peer to peer matrix system that is 100% transparent. Lion’s Share makes use of Ethereum Blockchain tech to create a transparent system. The Lion’s Share Smart Contract is a public system that can be viewed by about anyone on the blockchain directly. Lion Share Smart Contract Review: Scam Or Legit - Mynaijatech The Lion’s Share technology is also unchangeable. Up to 88,551 people have registered for the Lion’s Share technology. And also up to 26,926.43 ETH have been earned so far from Lion’s Share. In a day alone, up to 136.51 ETH is earned on the Lion’s Share system. Lion’s Share works very closely with Smart Contract technology and they have huge benefits available to their users. The system is 100% decentralized and like we mentioned earlier, it is a peer to peer matrix platform. All the payments that are made on Lion’s Share are made directly to the members of the system. Also, it is very sure that the Lion’s Share company will never mismanage their funds for you. Also, all the transactions on Lion’s Share are 100% transparent and will all be verified on the blockchain. Lion’s Share is one of the fastest paying business platforms in the world and they have promised to also give their members the Lion’s Share.
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So, down to the original question you asked. Is Lion’s Share Smart Contract a legit business or a scam?

Lion’s Share Smart Contract is a legit platform. The future of cryptocurrency earning programs is in Smart Contracts. The Lion’s Share program is already gradually changing how people see cryptocurrencies.

In summary, here are the  Reasons why Lionshare is not a Scam;

  • It is Built on Ethereum blockchain
  • No Admin is Involved.
  • It is 100% Decentralized
  • No withdrawal request required because payments are automatically transferred to individual wallet directly.
  • Instant Member to Member Payment directly to your wallet by smart contract
  • It is impossible to hack
  • Impossible to scam
  • No rise at all
  • With only 0.045 ETH ($10 to $11)~ {N5,000} ONE TIME startup cost.
  • This is not MMM and it is not PH/GH type of platform
  • Earnings from various levels are paid directly into your ethernum wallet by smart contract
  • It is binary level earning system.
  • Withdraw to local bank anytime, no limitations
  • It is 100% open source smart contract system.

Lionshare Smart contract Commission Payout

All commissions with Lionshare are paid directly and instantly to Lionshare members. The company is never responsible for making a commission payment. You will never have to wait a day, a week, a month, or even a minute! Payments are made instantly to your Ethereum wallet! Since payments are made peer to peer, Lion’s Share does not store any of your personal information or your wallet addresses.

Requirements To Register on Lionshare Smart contract

LionshareReview 2020: Is Lionshare Smart Contract Scam or Legit 5
  • 0.04 ETH + gas fee
  • The only requirement to participate in Lion’s Share is to have your own Ethereum Wallet.
  • These are simple and free to set up! It’s recommended you download Trust Wallet if you are using an Android phone.
  • You can also download Meta Mask directly on your computer. It is a simple Chrome extension.
  • You need to complete the setup of your wallet before getting started.

How to Register on Lionshare

How to Register om Lionshare If you are using an iOS phone / device, you can go to the app store and install the Coin Base Wallet and then fund it with 0.05 ETH (Ethereum). If you use an Android device, you can download the Trust Wallet which will allow to earn from Lion’s Share by clicking
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Once you have done these, you are very close to earning.  All payments are made in Ethereum. Lion’s Share has 2 packs that you can invest 0.04ETH into. The first pack is called L1. If you refer 3 people to this first pack, you will earn money. When your 3 referrals also refer other people and are earning, you will also earn a commission from them too. This sort of earning network is what is called Blockchain network. The 2nd pack is called L2 and with this pack, you earn on the basis of teamwork. You can visit the Lion’s Share website for more detailed information on how to get started at On their website, you will be shown a button that says, “join now”. Click on the button to get started on your journey to making money with Lion’s Share.      

There are benefits that come with working with Lion’s Share Smart Contract technology.

LionshareReview 2020: Is Lionshare Smart Contract Scam or Legit 3 Let’s look at some of them below. 1. The system is 100% decentralized. Because of this, all of the payments made on the platform are paid directly to the users. Like we said earlier, this is because it is a peer to peer matrix platform So, the Lion’s Share company will never mismanage the funds of their members. 2. The system is 100% transparent. All the transactions that happen on Lion’s Share are 100% transparent and you can verify them directly by yourself on the blockchain. All the transactions made by other members of the system can be viewed by you. This means that you can see for yourself how the Lion’s Share system is growing rapidly. 3. The Compensation Plan for Lion’s Share Smart Contract can never be changed. Is Lion's Share Legit?/>Many times, companies that deal in business like Lio’s Share change their compensation plans on the regular to suit their pockets. These companies change compensation plans at the expense of other members. But with Lion’s Share, the Smart Contract compensation plan can never be changed.
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4. The system can be duplicated. Apart from how simple the Lion’s Share system is, it is also duplicatetable. And this is very important when running that sort of business. The Lion’s Share company have also crafted a simple plan that all their members can work with in order to have success. No recruitment is carried out at all. But members that refer others to use Lion’s Share will earn at a quicker rate from the platform. 5. Bask in the freedom of your anonymity. No sort of private information is collected when signing up for Lion’s Share. Lion’s Share will not request that you provide any personal information. This is because the Lion’s Share company is your company too. 6. The Smart Contract system is verified. The Smart Contract system according to their website, can never be changed, hacked or be insecure. According to Lion’s Share, expert team of programmers and modern technologies were employed for the creation of the system. The Smart Contract technology is located directly on the Blockchain. 7. There is no boundary to where you can do the business. There is no geographical boundary or limitation that will stand in your way of doing the Lion’s Share Smart Contract business. The company operates worldwide. This means that you can be in any country of the world and still be able to do business. 8. The system is very affordable. You don’t have to break the bank to start business with Lion’s Share at all.
Do you have any experience with Lion’s Share Smart Contract earning program? Kindly inform us via the comment section below

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