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Whether it is for brand promotion, or sharing your cooking skills online, or conducting online classes, video content has been the most dominant form of online communication. A HubSpot survey predicted that 55% of people view online videos every day, which is not surprising. 97% of marketers say video has helped users gain sufficient understanding of their products and services, which shows the effectiveness of video content.
With so much video traffic online, the crucial part is to create your content in such a way that people watch your video over the thousands of other similar ones on the internet. How do you make a domestic video go viral? What video marketing strategy will you use to make a promo video reach countries in another continent?

7 Techniques to Create Compelling Video Content

1. Plan the Content

The first step in making a video is to plan the content that you are going to put into it. Based on whether it is a real estate marketing plan or a wedding photo montage, your requirements, time limit, keywords, audience, and several other parameters will change. You could decide to make an entirely animated video as well, for tutorial purposes.
If it for your company, you may also have budget and timeline constraints. So, consider all these factors and then start making your video.

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2. An Attention-Grabbing Intro

The first thing that people see in your video should get them attracted enough to watch the whole video. That is why you should have a catchy intro sequence at the beginning. It can include details like names or credits but use effective animations, visual or sound effects, or funky colours and fonts to increase the visual appeal.

You can use intro templates available online and edit it into the remainder of the video you shoot. You can also make a custom sequence for your channel or brand and use it consistently across all your videos.

3. Add a Soundtrack

Sound plays a crucial role in videos, although it may not seem that evident. A familiar or catchy tune in the background can instantly make more people take notice of the content. Try to pick some melody that is relevant to the video while making sure that it doesn’t draw too much attention away from the visual content.
You can add a soundtrack to your video in several ways, like choosing an appropriate file from a music library or the video editor itself or composing your own tune and adding it to the video. A good practice would be to use an audio editor on the sound file to increase the quality and add any effects (like fade or reverbs) before incorporating it into the video.

4. Use Video Editors

Not all of you will have high-end video cameras to record videos, so your best hope of generating professional-quality videos is using editors. Even otherwise, editors are always handy to make the overall presentation more appealing. There are various free and premium versions of video editors available online with basic features like trimming and merging to advanced features like 4K editing and support for 3D elements.
Other features of editors like transitions to act as segues between two clips are useful additions to enhance the video quality. You can also change the aspect ratio of the video to suit the platform you are sharing the clip in; Instagram supports the 1:1 square format while YouTube videos have a 16:9 aspect ratio.
The total length of your video is another constraint you have to keep in mind. Using video editors, trim the video or use other techniques like slow-motion or time-lapse to modify the playback speed.

5. Optimise for SEO

When you finish making the content, you should do some additional steps to make sure viewers can find your video online. SEO parameters typically include keywords related to your video that the viewer types in search engines. All search engines have a unique algorithm which ranks webpages and online content such that the best ones show up as the top search results.
On social media platforms, you should use hashtags and geotags in the video caption and comments to improve the visibility. If you share the video on your website or YouTube, make sure you give it an apt title and description. Use keywords in the description but make the language appear natural and not just as a cluster of keywords.
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6. Transcripts and Typography

Text elements in videos convey information that the viewer might not readily understand when they see the video. For example, in an instructional video for cooking, adding text captions in the video to highlight the quantities is useful so that the viewer can take note. In a photo montage or slideshow, you can add captions to explain what each image is.
Transcripts and descriptions of videos are useful for SEO purposes since keywords appear here. You can use transcripts to convert them into closed captions or subtitles to add to the video because most people who watch videos on their phones tend to do so in mute. Subtitles increase the domain of your potential audience to non-English-speaking groups as well.

7. A Memorable Closing

An excellent intro will make people watch the whole video, and a memorable ending will make them remember the content. You can use an outro template to end the video, by adding messages asking the viewer to subscribe or share the content. Adding a CTA and contact information at the end is good practice for marketing videos.
If you share your video on a video-hosting platform like YouTube and you want to make people watch more of your content, you can add links to related videos or your channel such that they pop up at the end.

Share Your Videos Today!

With these simple steps, you heighten the quality of your video by several folds. Your video is now catchy and visible enough on the internet to reach viewers across the globe, thereby helping you in your goal of getting more followers or fans or promoting your brand. Video content is a powerful tool for getting personal or professional recognition online, so use it wisely!

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