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When it comes to seeking for traffic source we all can agree that Facebook makes the list.
Facebook has given individuals the privilege to create page relating to their business and blogs, to create more awareness or draw traffic to their blogs which is indeed wonderful.

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Facebook also grants a paid Advertisment to reach a certain number of people ranging from 15,000 above.

Infact if you really want your business and blog to be heard, noticed and acknowledged creating a Facebook page should be your number one priority.

Also to enhance your page’s functionality, that is where creating a Bot comes in.
You see, creating a ChatBot for your page makes your page more professional and technical.

A ChatBot can answer questions being asked by users

A Facebook ChatBot is an artificial intelligence program capable of conversing and responding to people’s questions.

For a ChatBot to have the ability to converse and responds to questions being asked by users, it has to be created and configured to provide response related to what your page is all about.

In this very article I’m gonna walk you through on how you can create your won ChatBot with ease, without codings involved and with a well detailed explanation for proper understanding.




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We shall be using “CHATFUEL” a tool that enables you create a ChatBot without any knowledge of programming.

Step 1
Click on “Continue with Facebook”
A new page will pop up with title “Advanced Permission” seeking for your permission to allow Chatfuel manage your page, send messages from page you manage at anytime.

Click “Ok” to Grant the permission as indicated in the picture below.


Step 2.
A new page will be revealed to you displaying your Facebook page, click on “Connect” to connect chatfuel bot to your Facebook page.

If you don’t have a Facebook page yet, you can create a Facebook page, by swiping your screen Right, click on CREATE FACEBOOK PAGE to create your page.
As indicated in the picture below

How to create Facebook chatbot



Step 3
After connecting your page to chatfuel a new page will be revealed to you.
This is where you will configure your bot to your own very taste.

Click on “Create from Templates” then click on  “Blank Bot” (it means creating your ChatBot from scratch)

Click on “Automate” then click on “Welcome Message” then swipe your screen Right to customize your ChatBot’s welcome message.

This welcome message will display or will be sent to users following your page and also to users who sends message to the ChatBot.

How to create Facebook chatbot

Note: As you’re entering your data automatically they are been saved, take a look at the top bar of your screen to ensure that your proceedures are saved with a green thicked symbol, before you proceed to the next level.


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Step 4
After you’re through with customizing your “Welcome Message” click on “Default Answer” then swipe your Screen right to customize your ChatBot’s answer message.

The default answer message serves as a default response to any input from a user.
So it’s advised to customize it to your own taste to guide your users relating to your

What your page is all about
As indicated in the picture below.

How to create Facebook chatbot


Step 5
To enhance your ChatBot’s features,you can also add questions which your users are likely to ask and also provide Answers to the questions relating to what your business or blog’s page is all about, as indicated in the picture below.

How to create Facebook chatbot

Note: As you’re customizing your ChatBot to your own very taste automatically the changes are being saved, look at the top bar to ensure your proceedures are saved before moving on to the next level.

Step 6
On the dashboard click on “Set AI” to customize your ChatBot’s start up conversation, with your page users

Eg: either with “HI” or “HELLO” etc.

Then swipe your Screen right, click on “Text” to customize what your ChatBot’s replies will be.
As indicated in the picture below

How to create Facebook chatbot


Step 7
Finally when you’re done, on the top bar of your screen, click on “Test This ChatBot” to test what you have customized and also to see the ChatBot’s functionality.

If in anyway you ain’t satisfied after testing the ChatBot, you can still go back to your dashboard and Continue with the customizing.

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