Latest NNPC Salary and Allowance Structure in 2020

NNPC Recruitment

Welcome to mitrobe network, In today’s guide, I will be dropping helpful guide and tips on Latest NNPC Salary and Allowance Structure in 2020. So, technically this article will be targeted at revealing NNPC Salary and Allowance Structure in 2020.

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Here is a complete NNPC Salary Structure 2020: See the current salary scale and allowance for Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) staff ranging from the lowest office position to the peak.

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NNPC Salary Structure 2020

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is a federal government establishment saddled with the responsibility of regulating the Nigerian oil sector. With its incorporation dating as far back as 1977, NNPC has become a significant force contributing largely to employment in Nigeria.

This article is intended to enlighten readers about NNPC recruitment as well as the modalities attached to it.

What Are the General Requirements for NNPC Recruitment?

For your NNPC application to prove successful, you’re expected to have fulfilled a number of conditions. While these conditions are described as recruitment requirements, some of them are general while several others pertain to specific job positions. Below are the general requirements for NNPC recruitment:

  1. Applicants must be within the age bracket of 18—35 years old
  2. Applicants must be bona fide citizens of Nigeria
  3. Applicants must be ready to work under pressure
  4. Applicants must have genuine NYSC certificates
  5. Applicants are expected to have acquired higher institution degrees such as BSc and MSc

Steps to Apply for NNPC Jobs

Any Nigerian who has duly met all the general recruitment requirements listed above is qualified to apply for the NNPC job that suits them. To apply for NNPC recruitment, you may follow the steps below:

  • Open any browser on your phone and enter the URL
  • From the available list of NNPC job positions, choose the one you prefer and that you’re qualified for
  • Provide necessary information in the required fields

The Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC is the National Oil Company of the country, and working at such a place is the dream of many people due to job security and financial stability.

NNPC does not limit their employment to just engineers and geoscientists alone, and even if this category of workers is the most sort after, quite a number of people who are not scientists are added as part of their members of staff from time to time.

One thing that makes NNPC attractive to work in is that the job is flexible and dynamic with a lot of incentives that come with their basic salary package, and as aforementioned, what their workers are paid is indeed very attractive.

NNPC Current Salary Structure

A very important industry in Nigeria is the petroleum industry which to this day, the country is still very much dependent on, and because of the huge proceeds Nigeria generates from the oil and gas sector, it is little wonder why a vast majority of the country’s populace wants to work in this sector.

Whether you are science-oriented or not, when your field of study is relevant to the NNPC, you can rest assured that you will be employed if you meet all their requirements for the role they are employing you for. While The NNPC is not the highest paying oil and gas company in the country, they pay really attractive and impressive salaries to their members of staff.

You should note that the NNPC salary varies according to the type of job you’re hired for and the location you are employed at. Their take-home pay also varies from department to department, and those who earn the most are the board members and directors, followed by the engineers and geoscientists before others. With that in mind, let us now look at how much NNPC pays a select group of their most important workers.

– Internship Payment Scale

NNPC allows for interns to come into the organization to learn. This gives interns a great opportunity to learn more about their fields and relate with professionals, dealing with practical issues. Usually, an internship is between 3 months to 2 years depending on the school and discipline. As expected, interns are the least earning staff in NNPC. On average, they earn between N18, 000 – N30, 000 per month.

– Entry Level Payment Scale

The entry-level is the first level as a fresh graduate in NNPC. Although it isn’t categorically called “entry-level” and is in fact named according to the profession, say sales officer, the level is the most basic in the organization. On average, a new entry in NNPC earns between N180, 000 – N350, 000 depending on the job specification and level of experience. Engineers and field workers generally earn more. This figure excludes bonuses and other basic incentives which can almost double the take home at the end of the month.

– Experienced/Managers Payment Scale

This is where the money begins to flow well. The salary here is dependent on the level of experience and job description. On the average, experienced staffs in NNPC earn between N500, 000 – N1 million depending on the level of experience and the rank. Managers in some certain fields in the organization earn far more than this. In fact, some top managers earn above 2 million naira per month.

The table below shows the salary structure of NNPC workers  from the lowest to the highest;

NO. Level Monthly Salary (N)
1 Intern 18,000 – 30,000
2 Entry Level  Staff 180,000 – 350, 000
3 Experienced Staff/Managers 500,000 – 1,000,000

Again, it should be noted that this information is not 100%. Figures may change with time and some of the salaries for some fields in the industry are vague.


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