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What is Konga?

Konga is simply an e-commerce platform based in Nigerian, and it is targeted at Nigerians just like Jumia. For people who have little or no idea, as regards the meaning of an e-commerce platform: Konga is just like a shop on your phone. Instead of having to walk down to a shop, to buy things, you can simply order them from the app or website, and you would have your item delivered at your doorstep.

What Do They Sell?

They actually sell computers and accessories, phones and tablets, electronics, fashion items, home and kitchen items, baby items, toys, and wines. So if you intend buying a thing that falls in these categories, a platform like Konga is a place you can get them.

Aside the fact that buying on a platform like Konga brings comfort, the platform also makes it possible to get the best value for your money, by presenting deals you wouldn’t always ordinarily come across, had it been you walked into a physical shop.

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Who Is behind It?

Konga is a company founded by a Nigerian named Sim Shagaya. The 46-year-old man who schooled in the United States of America, also happens to have worked for Google. In 2006, the man quit his job at Google, then came back to his country, to focus on business. Since his returned from the United States, Sim has been able to create a lot of businesses, a good number of which of course failed.

Sim founded Konga is about July of the year 2012. Only months after the Nigerian man founded this company, he was able to raise about $3.5 million, as a seed fund for the company. The company which was initially target at Lagosians, soon expanded to other parts of the country. And according to reports gathered, this swift expansion was due the a competitor, Jumia, which also sprouted up during the same period.

Is It Safe To Buy On It?

Buying on Konga is very safe. In fact, it is among the safest e-commerce platforms, on which you can purchase things. And not only is Konga very safe for people, there are also a lot of people using this platform. In fact, it is possible you have heard about Konga black Fridays.

However, this is not mean you can afford to be unvigilant, when buying on the platform. Even though Konga, as a company, is never know to dupe its buyers, it is however probably worth stating that the company isn’t the one selling the products on its platform. Konga actually serves as a platform which connects buyers with sellers. In other words, even though Konga would not make attempt to cheat you, it doesn’t mean individual sellers wouldn’t try to.

In fact, there are people who have reported being cheated by some sellers on the platform. For instance, they make an order, but end up getting a wrong or faulty product. However, this is not to put fear in the mind of prospective buyers. Even though we have dubious sellers on the platform, it is however possible to avoid them.

To avoid being cheated by a dubious seller, there are two things you have to pay attention to, when buying a product: the seller’s rating and the seller’s reviews.

A seller’s rating is a number between 1 and 5, which represent the credibility of the seller. Personally, when we buy items from this platform, we always ensure we buy from only sellers having a rating of at least 4. Buying from a seller who has a rating less than 4 is quite risky, although not every seller who has a less-than-4 rating would be a dubious person.

In addition to using a seller’s rating to determine who to buy from, you should also use reviews. A review is simply a note left by a person who has bought from the seller in the past. The reviews can provide you more detailed information about a seller.

In short, it is very possible to easily buy things on Konga, without issues. Just follow our precautions, and you’d be just fine.

What Other Important Info Should I Know?

For people who still don’t feel comfortable releasing their money before the arrival of their goods, Konga has a feature called pay on delivery. Payment on delivery simply means you are allowed to delay your payment until you get your goods.

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