Klever.io Review 2020-The new home of TronWallet


TronWallet is moving to a new home — Klever.io consists of four main components: Klever OS, Klever App, Klever Exchange, and Klever Labs.

The Klever blockchain wallet is a 4th-generation crypto wallet (app) based on Klever’s recently launched excellent OS technology. Interestingly, the (wallet) app is packed with a number of strong points including remarkable upgrades and several new features.

Reading this article further, you’ll learn more about the Klever blockchain wallet (alternatively Klever App), some of its excellent features and how you can download the app.

Klever.io OS Main Features:

    • Web SDK (Software Development Kit)
    • iOS and Android Mobile SDK
    • Secure, encrypt and protect your secret information
    • Safely store mnemonics, private keys, key pairs, API keys and secrets
    • Sign Transactions and Trigger Smart Contracts
    • Facilitate One-Click Payments solutions
    • Send and Receive funds instantly
    • Multi Token Staking
    • Easy crypto-to-crypto swap and exchange
    • Support for multiple blockchains, dozens of coins and 1000+ of tokens

Klever.io App

Introducing Klever: The new home of TronWallet

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Built by the developers of the widely used TronWallet, Klever App is a 4th-gen crypto wallet which boasts improvement in crucial areas including reliability, efficiency, use cases, services, features and in-built technology. Besides being a generously advanced blockchain wallet, Klever App is adapted to completely support multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Tron and Bitcoin. It is quite interesting that the wallet app is also compatible with myriad ERC20, TRC20 and TRC10 tokens.

Among the Klever app’s excellent nnovative features is its support for direct cloud storage of users’ ETH, TRX and BTC addresses and contacts. Furthermore, it’s reported that after its launch, Klever App will receive the integration of the world’s leading blockchain protocols.

Klever.io Browser

Being one of the strong points of Klever App, Klever Browser is a built-in browser with enhanced performance in the areas of user experience, reliability and speed. Favourably, the browser has been optimized to help Klever’s fast-growing customer base enjoy hassle-free and direct access to the ecosystem of blockchain dapps.

Having ridden on the pedestal of its “All-In-One” crypto app philosophy, Klever successfully equipped the Klever app with the capability of connecting all in-app links to Klever Browser.

Security-wise, Klever Browser will likely save Klever App users the mishap of falling prey to scammers, Ponzi scheme perpetrators and similar malicious individuals in the crypto sphere. Precisely, the browser has been programmed to indicate a “High-Risk” warning (which comes as a pop-up message) suggesting that a particular site could be risky.

Rather than having to personally identify whether certain sites are malicious or not, Klever App users now have the advantage of being notified about “suspect sites”.

Klever App’s Design

Design-wise, Klever App doesn’t seem to have fallen short of excellence, courtesy of its user interface (UI) which outclasses that of previous crypto wallets. In pretty terms, Klever App’s design integrates intuitiveness and simplicity, making the app an exquisite software tool to behold.

On a fascinating note, the Klever app has received a good deal of boosts in terms of screen layouts. Prettily, the app has received new and enhanced designs for the Request screen, the Token Filter screen, the Portfolio screen, Balance screen, Distribution screen, Settings screen, etc. Likewise, there are new layouts for the Transaction Detail screen, the Receive screen and the Transaction List.

Klever Swap

This, undeniably, is one of the major highlights among the innovative features of Klever App. By and large, Klever Swap is a feature which allows for users’ direct in-app exchange of 100+ cryptocurrencies, tokens and coins. Klever Swap excellently facilitates and improves inter-operation of blockchains, courtesy of its 300+ trading pairs which are compatible with Bitcoin’s, Ethereum’s and Tron’s tokens and coins.

How to Download Klever.io Bitcoin Blockchain Wallet

The Klever blockchain wallet (alternatively Klever App) is downloadable from Google Play and iOS App Store. To download the app from Google Play, you may click the link here. Alternatively, click the link here to download the app from App Store.


Comparatively, Klever App’s remarkable features will make the 4th-gen crypto wallet one of the options to beat among blockchain crypto wallets. Also, it is safe to argue that Klever App will perform much better than competitors as Klever.io is determined to further equip the app with sophisticated features in future.

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