Kara.com.ng Site Review: Is It Safe for Online Shopping in Nigeria?

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Kara.com.ng is hands-down among the most popular e-commerce sites in Nigeria. Although, it might not be as popular as the likes of Konga, Jumia, and Jiji, it is however a platform you can not ignore. But when it comes to reliability, kara.com.ng reliability is not so impressive, and if possible you should avoid the platform. You may also check out our previous article on the top 20 e-commerce online shops in Nigeria for a list of some of the best shops you can always shop from. So let’s proceed with our kara.com.ng site review.

Kara.com.ng Site Review
Kara.com.ng Site Review: Is It Safe for Online Shopping in Nigeria?

While our claim as regards kara.com.ng reliability might sound unfair to some people, we don’t believe it is. And not only are we going to consider the platform not-so-reliable, we are also going to give some reasons. The following are some reasons why we dissuade shoppers from using the platform.

It has been decades since the world wide web and the internet came around. In other words, these technologies have matured enough for companies interested in taking their businesses serious. But unfortunately for the people behind Kara, they have failed to take the technological aspect of their business really serious. Our reason for stating this is that the official website of the platform is frequently found offline, a thing we do not expect from a serious business.

We do not think a thing like this should be ignored, as it is a quite serious issue. Talking as a software engineer with experience in this kind of things, it’s safe to state that these incessant down-time can be put an end to, if the company really means it. It’s not that its unforgivable for a platform to have down-time, it’s rather unforgivable to have frequent down-times.

As we’ve already stated, improvement of the platform’s up-time is a thing that can be done. But given that Kara doesn’t have an excellent uptime, it might be safe to say the company behind this product aren’t so serious about the business. In other words, you should avoid people who aren’t so serious about their business.

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  • Archaic Payment Method

In the early days of the internet, e-commerce wasn’t as big as it currently is, and as a result, there weren’t so many technologies to facilitate it. In other words, when have to buy an item online, you’d probably have to save the money in the seller’s account, then notify them about the payment.

But fortunately for the us, things do not have to be this way anymore. Transactions do not have to be this stressful and also slow. In this modern world, we expect a thing like this to be automated. This kind of automation is a thing we see in top e-commerce platforms, locally and internationally. So what possible justification does Kara.com.ng have for this archaic approach to payment?

Once again, we feel the people behind this platform are not so serious about their business. But who knows, the cause of this might be that the platform is being managed by an old individual who’s yet to understand how much modern technology could offer. And if the website owners decide to do something about the site’s problems, we’d be glad to review this kara.com.ng site review.

Kara.com.ng Site Review: Is It Safe for Online Shopping in Nigeria?
Kara.com.ng Site Review: Is It Safe for Online Shopping in Nigeria?


  • Interface

For a lot of people, when deciding whether to buy on a platform for the first time, the platform’s interface is one of those things taken into consideration. And when you visit a lot of top e-commerce platform, you get to appreciate the designs of their interfaces. However, when it comes to kara.com.ng, this platform would get a very low score, if we are to score it. The platform’s interface is not a thing we’d consider having a modern design, and we doubt if there’s ever a valid justification for it.

However, keep in mind that design is different from user experience. In the aspect of design, we consider the platform to be poor, but when it comes to its user experience, it competes with that of its competitors. In other words, even though you might find the platform something ugly, this doesn’t necessarily mean you would have a hard time navigating it.


To conclude this kara.com.ng site review, we do not think the company behind this platform is as serious as its competitors. And we don’t feel such people would be the best to transact business with.

The platform, no doubt, has a lot of cool products, and in fact, we’ve heard about people who use it. So feel free to use it, but we’re just saying kara.com.ng reliability is not impressive, and you shouldn’t be surprised if buying an item from them ends up creating a lot of headache.

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