Jumia Flex: Buy your dream Phone, gadgets & Pay in installments

Jumia Flex

After about 6 months of teasing and trailers, smartphone manufacturing has finally launched and released their flagship brand. “Oh what a beauty”, you think out loud. It comes with all the features advertised and even more here and there. The camera quality is superb, the storage capacity is more than that of your current PC and complementing all that, the device is lightning fast.

All of a sudden, all that adrenaline rush is calmed when it dawns on you that devices this caliber more likely than not would be on the slightly higher side in terms of cost pricing. Regardless, you decide to take a sneak peek at the cost of purchasing it while faintly hoping it is within your price range. Turns out it is way more than you can afford and you are disappointed.

Well, there is news for anyone facing such, similar or relatable situations and it’s good, no, wonderful news. Jumia Flex is here to help you get that device (or whatever product you’re shopping for and wish to purchase). In the next few lines below, I’ll be giving you a quick overview of one of Jumia Nigeria’s gadget financing options called Jumia Flex.

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 About Jumia Flex

Jumia Flex is a subsidiary of Jumia Nigeria that emanates from Jumia’s partnership with Page Financials. This service provides customers with the ability to purchase products on Jumia’s (online) shopping mall and pay in installments. Using Jumia Flex, customers initially, would pay just a percentage of the total price of a particular product while the balance is conveniently paid monthly afterward for a period of either 3 or 6 months depending on the your preference as the buyer, although the customer would pay an insignificantly higher amount if he/she chooses to pay over 6 months against payment over 3 months.

The difference, however, is barely tangible. With an option such as this available to all applicants, it’s fair to say that in just 5 words, their slogan: “Buy now, pay small small” absolutely tells the full story.

There is an application process that must take place as well as a few requirements to be met in order to qualify for the Jumia Flex service. We’ll touch on those next.

Jumia Flex Requirements

While this service is quite enticing and convenient for many, it is worth knowing that it is not for everyone as it isn’t really possible for all to meet all the criteria. There are 6 official criteria for application and it should be noted that a criterion for the Jumia Flex application states that the applicant must be resident in either Lagos or Ibadan. This would come across as a downside to customers residing in other cities and states in Nigeria. Hopefully, this service would extend to other areas in no time.

Below are the six (6) criteria for application as provided by Jumia Nigeria on their online platform:

  • You are between 22 and 55 years.
  • Have your BVN.
  • Be a salary earner.
  • Have your 6 months’ salary account statement.
  • Live in Lagos or Ibadan.
  • Have 1 passport photograph.

How to Apply for Jumia Flex

Okay. You’re based in Lagos/Ibadan, within the specified age bracket and a salary earner. An obvious rhetorical question pops up: “How do I apply for Jumia Flex?

Once you verify you have all the necessary requirements in place, applying for the Jumia Flex service is a straightforward and easy-going affair. Simpy complete a Google Form by Jumia with some important details such as your email address, first & last name, employment status, and a few others.

Once you are done entering the data and are satisfied with your input, click the “Submit” button to submit your application. You may have to make certain changes in the scenario you entered invalid/incorrect data. Once it is verified that all inputs are valid, your application is sent to Jumia immediately. Note that it generally takes about 3 hours for Jumia to process each Jumia Flex application and send a response to the applicant. Following are excerpts from Jumia’s online platform summarizing how the Jumia Flex application and usage work:

  • On submitting your application, if approved, you will be emailed to pay deposit with your ATM card online.
  • After depositing, your order is processed and your new device can be picked up within days.
  • After the first 30 days, you will be automatically debited every month end, for the unpaid amount, for the next 3 or 6 months depending on the plan you selected when applying

Click the link below to go to the application page for the Jumia Flex service.

In conclusion…

Given the current global pandemic that has instigated a widespread economic/financial crisis, purchasing products via the Jumia Flex service would prove to be a smart choice for a smart age as your purse will not be hurt for the reason of purchasing the desired item. Salary earners will find this service very (almost too) attractive and incredibly convenient. Overall, you can’t go wrong by taking advantage of this service.


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