Jiji — Is It Safe To Buy and Sell on This Platform?

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In one sentence, yes, it is safe to buy and sell on Jiji. And if you’d like some details, you should take some minutes to complete this article.

Jiji is an classified ad platform, and it is quite similar to some e-commerce platforms like Jumia and Konga. However, this platform has a different purpose, compared to Jumia and its likes.


Jiji.ng was founded in 2014, by a Ukrainian man. When the platform came around, people though it to be just another classified ad platform, but over the years, the people behind this platform have proven to really mean business, and the platform is now considered Nigeria’s no 1 classified ad platform.

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Jiji.ng started out in Lagos, Nigeria, but soon expanded to other states of the country. This platform is the place you go when you have a used item you’d like to sell. In other words, the difference between Jiji and a platform like Konga, is that while Konga and its likes are meant for actual sellers, Jiji.ng is meant for people who are not necessarily sellers, and would like to sell some of their used items.

For instance, if you have a phone you are currently using, but would like to get a new one. You can simply go about it the following way: sell your current phone on Jiji.ng. Then add some money to the money you got, when you sold the phone. Then go ahead to buy a new phone.

According to reputable sources, the platform has got over 160,000 sellers and over 7 million active users per month. This amount of traffic causes Jiji.ng to be among the top 50 most visited sites in Nigeria. And not only that, Google also named the app as one of the 10 most popular apps in the country.

What kind of things can I buy on Jiji

Things like vehicles, properties, mobile phones, household electronics, furniture, and pets, are all things you can buy on this platform. In addition, it is also possible to post job adverts on this platform. And if you offer some sort services, Jiji.ng also happens to be a place you can post them.

Things you can buy on Jiji
Things you can buy on Jiji

It is however also worthwhile stating that it does not cost anything to post an advert on Jiji. But if you plan boosting the visibility of your ad, you would have to pay the company some amount of money.

Using Jiji is pretty easy, and you shouldn’t have problem getting around it. Talking about the web version, the user experience is really outstanding. On the homepage, you’d find a number of classified ads. You’d also find a link to the page where you can publish your own ad.

It is also quite important to state that, to use Jiji for some things, you might have to create an account. Good enough, this process is not difficult. If you already have Google or Facebook account, this would be even easier. But if you don’t, creating an account would require your: email, first name, last name, phone no, and a desired password. After creating the account, you’d have to verify you truly own the email you provided.

And let’s also assume you have a specific thing you intend buying on Jiji, you can simply use the search tool positioned on top of the Jiji.ng homepage. So let’s assume you’d like to buy a used iPhone 8, rather than browsing the whole website, in search of iPhone 8 ads, you can simply search “iPhone 8”, and go through the search result returned.

How to use Jiji

To use Jiji, there are three possible ways. Firstly, if you are an Android user, you can simply head over to Google PlayStore, and download the Jiji.ng app. iOS users can also follow a similar step: heading over to the Apple AppStore, to download the Jiji iOS application.

And if for some reason or the other, you can’t or wouldn’t like to use the app, you can head over to Jiji.ng, to make use of the web version. The web version of this platform has got a valid TLS certificate, so you have nothing to worry about, as regards middleman attacks.

Jiji Web Interface Footer
Jiji Web Interface Footer

Things to note, when buying on Jiji

Jiji.ng only connects buyers with sellers, the company does not necessarily guarantees none of its seller to be dubious. So when using the platform, you have to ensure the following:

  • Don’t ever pay for a product without physically meeting the seller
  • When meeting a seller, meet them in a public place, unless they have a shop located in a busy area
  • Always test bought items before paying
  • Always demand some kind of receipt


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