Is Upwork Legit? Other Upwork competitors and Alternatives


Is Upwork legitimate? If you are also asking the same question right now, read on to find the true answer to this.

As a buyer or a seller, a freelancer who wants to know whether to explore the freelance market through Upwork, I believe you want to know if really it is a legit platform or one which scam people. In order to grasp whether Upwork is legitimate and real, I will first lay down as a base a few things you need to know about what it is.

As you may have heard, Upwork is a freelance platform that is more or less an online market where buyers meet sellers and they make the exchange of whatever they have.

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Freelancers are self-employed, they offer their skills to many clients on different jobs. The act of being a freelancer or doing a freelance job is called freelancing.

A platform like Upwork is where a freelancer can meet clients and deliver to them his skills in return for money. There are other freelancing platforms. They include but not limited to:

  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Designcrowd
  • Envato etc.

Now back to the bone of contention: Is Upwork legit? Well, to answer this correctly we have to review what people have been saying about Upwork.

We shall also look at the level of integrity the company has built over time. About then, we shall now come to a reasonable conclusion about this trying question.

From the research I made I found out there are more positive reviews than are negative reviews about the services recited from Upwork.

According to’’ Upwork got a 4.1-star ranking, with 373 out of 743 reviews being 5 stars and 85 reviews with less than 3 stars. From what I also gathered from Trustpilot, 61% of the reviews gave Upwork Excellent while 30% was Bad.

From the above and many other unexplored reviews one can conclude that since a higher number of people trust Upwork, then it must be a legit and real freelance market place.

Going further to the integrity Upwork has built over time, Upwork is a duly registered American company. Though they changed their name from Elance-oDesk to Upwork in 2015 they still retain their quality and still the oldest known freelance company, as Elance and oDesk can be traced to as far back as 1999.

They have their locations at Mountain View and San Francisco, California, USA. With such a track record, I will not be making a mistaking when I say that Upwork is a legit freelance marketplace.

To account for the negative reviews people have given Upwork. Upwork is a service company and every customer cannot get equal satisfaction: one group will be more satisfied than the others.

You must also understand that Upwork is a meeting point of any type of both buyers and sellers, who by any means want to maximize profits. Thus there are bad sellers as there are bad buyers.

Like every other freelancing platforms Upwork is not usually easy for new freelancers; buyers would be afraid to employ you because you have no positive review. Hence many tend to fall along the way because the fruits of their efforts are not forthcoming.

What would you think about Upwork or any other platform when you’re in such a position? I doubt you’ll think Upwork as good.

Again, getting started is not always easy but you have to go out there and try your best. What is success then if everything was gotten on a platter of gold?

And yes, Upwork is a legit freelance marketplace.


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