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Did you know Bitcoin was the best investment of the decade from 2010-2019?

Every $1 invested would have been worth $90,000!

Obviously, no one knows how Bitcoin will do in the future.

But every investor should consider putting Bitcoin in their portfolio because of how amazing it has performed.

Did you also know that The Great Grand Cardone has 40 Bitcoin as of 2017?

And now in 2020 that is summing up to $360000 wow isn’t that mind-blowing.

Are you seeing what you have been missing already, Oh let talk about me that made over N100, 000 in a space of 2 weeks investing in Ethereum.

How I Made N100k plus in Less than 2 Week Investing in Ethereum

I want to motivate you by showing you how I invest In Ethereum that made me N100k plus in less than two weeks with a startup capital of N7500

I went into Ethereum Smart contract business 2 weeks back.

I didn’t bother to share to my e-mail contact or friends. Yea, my apologies.

I was dodging the excuses such as (what if I can’t refer).

And the regretful part of it all is that to join the business now is N10,000 due to how Ethereum has increased in price.

This may not be your regular kind of business though, this is a smart contract business called Lionshare smart contract business that was LAUNCH July 13th.

Before you think I am trying to bite more than I can chew check the proof below.

This is just a half cut of the Ethereum that is left after I sold over N50k worth of ethereum

You can login my ID #2348 to confirm my dashboard and see the 1 ETH ( $300 plus ) I have made as a live proof.

Don’t worry it impossible to hack my account.

Are you surprise.

You are welcome to the world of Cryptocurrency.

Listen… That’s to motivate you.

There’s probably something in your heart 💙 that you really, really want.

Now pause for a moment and bring it to the screen of your mind.

No matter what it is, If you work for it you will get it.

🔴 You dont need friends support to get it.

🔴 You dont need your family members support to get it.

💜 You need you.

I did this in less than 2weeks networking & investing in ethereum, no friends or family.

It’s a matter of how you lay your bed.

You may have missed the Bitcoin era but we are now in the Ethereum era.

In this post, you will learn what Ethereum is and if it’s a good investment for you.

What Is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency which can be bought on an exchange platform.

Check out the list of the best exchange platform to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Nigeria. 

The way you buy Ethereum is similar to how you can buy stocks. 

However, Ethereum is nothing like a stock. 

Ethereum is virtual money. 

You can send and receive Ethereum anywhere in the world, instantaneously, without the need for banks. 

Ethereum charges much fewer fees than banks and has many other benefits.

Ultimately, Ethereum has got so far because it has the potential to disrupt the entire financial industry!

Who Is It For?

Ethereum should be considered by every single Nigeria Businessmen & women and investors because of its amazing performance.

Ethereum is also for anyone enthusiastic about changing their entire financial lifestyle such as:

  • Long term investors
  • People willing to learn and earn

This is for people who are ready to invest in disruptive technology.

Ethereum is for people who know the only way to financial freedom is an investment.

Is Ethereum a Good Investment

Asking if investing in ethereum is a good investment then imagine this.

If you had bought and invested in Ethereum as at 2017 when the price was around $7 per ETH.

And then you holdup until now when the prices is around $300 per coin.

Do you see how much money you would have made.

It is just the same as Bitcoin, when Bitcoin first launch an was sold at $1, you Forgot to buy and invest and now the $1 per Bitcoin is now worth $9,000 per Bitcoin.

The same is about to happen to Ethereum and therefore to invest in Ethereum is a smart idea. And you are not late to start investing in ETH.

Why Is Ethereum So Popular?

Invest in ethereum

There are 1000’s of cryptocurrencies and they all do different things for different industries.

However, Ethereum is the 2nd largest and most established, the first is Bitcoin.

Ethereum is a big idea. It has the potential to become the currency of the world.

Instead of U.S dollars, pounds, pesos, etc, the entire world can use Ethereum.

It also runs on a disruptive technology called a blockchain. 

No one can hack the Ethereum network, it can’t be interfered with or destroyed – not even by the government.

No one can print or create more Ethereum meaning it will only get more valuable if more people use it. 


  • Ethereum is disruptive
  • It’s still early. It’s a very low price compared to it’s potential
  • You can invest in ethereum now before the masses
  • Ethereum has the potential to be the world’s currency


  • Not get rich quick! Long term strategy  
  • Very uncertain and new industry
  • It might go to zero
  • No one knows if Ethereum will make it

How Do You Make Money Investing in Ethereum?

Investing in Ethereum means you will hold it for the long term (many years) and hope that it increases in value.

If the vision pays off and every person in the world used Ethereum – the price would be astronomical. 

Some analysts have predicted Ethereum can reach millions of dollars.

But those are just predictions. Obviously, no one knows if it will survive or not.

All we do know is Ethereum has lots of potentials.

There are more ways to make money in crypto like

However, this is just about buying and holding Ethereum long term.

How To Get Started

If you’ve done your research and want to invest in Ethereum you need to use a trustworthy Wallet like

  • Blockchain wallet or
  • Trustwallet wallet. 

A “Wallet” is just a place where you can send/receive Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

There are many Wallets out there but Blockchain and Trustwallet seem to be more secure.

How to Purchase Ethereum

It is now easy to buy and invest in Ethereum in Nigeria with a startup capital as low as N500. Thanks to the Tech companies.

An amazing fact is with your Naira debit or master card you can buy ethereum in Nigeria anytime.

Check out the list of selected best platforms to buy ethereum and Bitcoin in Nigeria

How to Mine Ethereum without Buying It

Well, to invest in Ethereum you must, first of all, acquire ethereum.

And of course, when you buy ethereum you will have to wait for the long term before you see results.

But then, there are other ways to mine more ethereum without actually buying them.

And that makes the income bigger.

So the 4 major ways to acquire ethereum are

  • Buying ethereum from exchanges
  • Trading on an exchange platform
  • Mining through Airdrops and others
  • Networking through a smart contract.

Buying ethereum

Ethereum can be bought with Fiat currency.

So if you want to invest in Ethereum by actually buying it then I recommend you use spare money.

What I mean by spare money is money that can weigh you down.

That’s you won’t even feel you have moved away a particular amount of money. Life still goes as usual.

Check out the list of best exchanges to buy ethereum in Nigeria for as kow as N500.

Trading ethereum

Another profitable way to invest in ethereum is by trading.

Just like the way forex trading is, that similar to how Cryptocurrency trading is.

They all have the same primary strategy.

Buy ethereum when the price falls, hold, and sell when the price is high. Then rinse and repeat the strategy.

But then, not everyone would love to trade ethereum, and besides, it is time-consuming.

Plus there’s no guarantee, you might end up losing trade or so.

However, Trading is a major way to invest in Ethereum, and it constitutes the daily living of some individuals.

Mining Through Airdrops/Investments

There are various airdrops and investment platform that pays % base on your investment.

But then, due to the high rate of internet fraud, it is so tiresome to find the legit crypto Investment platform out there.

Moreover, there’s no guarantee that the platform will remain legit in the long run.

Due to problems that may arise.

But then, most people have acquired a lot of Ethereum from Airdrops and investment platforms.

Smart Contract

This is my favorite means of acquiring Ethereum without Buying it.

It is 100% ideal and I recommend this method for everyone who wishes to invest in ethereum without having to buy it off.

A smart contract is a kind of networking scheme that enables individuals to earn ethereum in a very large quantity.

It was not up to 2weeks after the launch of Lionshare smart contract of which I joined and made over 1ETH.

Herr is a drop down list of profitable smart contract business you can join.

That is to show you the income potential of a smart contract.

Moreover, the best aspect of smart contracts in acquiring Ethereum is that.

  • The system cannot be hacked
  • The system cannot be changed.
  • Your ethereum is not stored in a dashboard
  • There is no admin to control the system
  • There’s no way to get scammed
  • It is 100 newbies friendly and doest require much work.


Whether you’re an investor or not, Ethereum is a fascinating project that can change your life and the world as a whole.

And it’s easier than ever to buy ETH in Nigeria as low as N500 upwards thanks to Exchanges platform.

If Ethereum reaches its full potential, the way we use money would be very different and investors would be very wealthy.

However, no one knows what will happen.

If you want to continue learning about Ethereum and cryptocurrency investing,

I recommend bookmarking my webpage. 

So don’t leave me as I keep updating you with trends that can change your life financially.

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