HP Omen Laptop Review

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HP Omen Laptop Review–On the 26th day of May 2016, HP announced a new series of computing gadgets called the HP Omen series. This series was claimed to be unlike any of the other series the company had back then, and we could not help but believe this, when gears in the series became available in July of that same year.


The HP Omen Series
The HP Omen Series

Like many would say, the HP Omen series is to HP, what Alienware is to Dell. Putting in simpler terms, HP Omen contains gears which are not necessarily and aesthetically appealing, but these gears pack great deal of power.

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The announcement of this series came after HP realized Alienwares have now become the go-to series for gamers. And keep in mind, these gamers are among the top category of people who invest fortune in computers.

Ever since the Omen series was announced, we have seen a lot of products released under the name. And by products, we are not just talking about desktop computers and laptops, we are also talking about monitors, headphones, keyboards, mouses, etc. In other words, if you are a gamer or the gears of a gamer are things which get you excited, you should take the next few minutes to finish up this article.

HP Omen Laptops and General Configuration

HP Omen Laptop
HP Omen Laptop

Even through, the HP Omen series has got all sorts of computing electronic, we can cover only the laptops for now.


There are a lot of HP Omen laptops available out there. If you’re a gamer, and you’ve got some good amount of cash to spend, you should have no problem finding yourself a good Omen laptop. On the official website of the company, we found 12 different Omen laptops, but this doesn’t mean there are only 12 configurations available.

When getting an Omen laptop, it is possible to get a build powered by an Intel Core i5 processor or an Intel Core i7 processor. And for people who would prefer something even more powerful, it is not impossible to find an Omen laptop which comes with an Intel Core i9 processor.

However, note that there are currently no build of the laptop which comes with an AMD processor. And not only that, you also ought to be aware that you would have a hard time finding a build of an Omen machine which comes with an Intel Core i3 processor.

When it comes to random access memory, you would hardly find a laptop in this series that disappoints. All Omen laptops come with at least 8 GB of RAM. With 8 GB of RAM, you should have no problem playing a lot of heavy games, but for people interested in something larger, you can always have it your way.

The aspect of storage device, is also not something we are disappointed about. A build of an Omen laptop would comes with at least 256 GB of SSD storage. And thanks to the kind of storage devices featured by laptops of the series, the read and write speed of the laptops are incredible.

There is however an aspect we are not so pleased about, and that is the aspect of battery life. Laptops of the HP Omen series, do not have incredible battery life. We would not consider their batteries as terrible batteries, but it would have made more sense, to have more powerful batteries. A laptop in the series, would have about 5 hours of run-time, when placed under very heavy duty task — we expected more.

HP Omen 15 and HP Omen 17

When buying an HP Omen laptop, you might come across terms like “Omen 15” and “Omen 17”. And when you do, you shouldn’t get confused, as this is what they mean: “Omen 15” simple means an HP Omen laptop which has got a display of about 15 inches. And as for “Omen 17”, this refers to an HP Omen laptop which comes with a display of about 17 inches.

HP Omen X 2S Laptop

HP Omen Laptops are generally interesting. They are designed and built in ways gamers can not resist. However, something even more interesting are the HP Omen X 2S laptops. While a typical laptop has a single screen, laptops tagged Omen X 2S, come with two displays: one of these two display is a typical laptop display, while the other is right in front of the keyboard area of the laptop.

HP Omen X 2S
HP Omen X 2S

With such a thoughtful 6-inch display also featured in Omen X 2S laptops, a user of the product is guaranteed to enjoy nothing less than a great user experience.


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