How To Transfer Credit on 9Mobile (Eitisalat) to other Users

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Are you interested in knowing how to transfer credit from Etisalat (9Mobile network)? There is a procedure for transferring airtime from Etisalat (9Mobile network), and in this post, we will unveil the steps and process involved to do it.

9Mobile (formerly known as Etisalat) is one of the biggest Nigerian telecommunication companies with millions of customers and subscribers.

Etisalat is a leading company in the telecommunication industry in Nigeria, and many people have benefited from their significant telecommunication and internet-related services.

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Recently, they rebranded to 9Mobile, and they still offer the same communication services which they are known for.

Sometimes, you may want to send airtime from your Etisalat (9mobile) line to another line on the 9mobile network to make a quick call.

Or probably, you want to transfer credit from your line to a friend, colleague or a family member who is apparently facing challenges in recharging his phone with airtime.

You may not have time to look for alternatives – especially when it is an emergency or urgent situation. The only way is to transfer the credit on your 9mobile line to him or her and save time.

The process of transferring credit from Etisalat (9mobile) is not really difficult, you only need to know the set of instructions (codes) to carry do it.

If you don’t know the codes and the process involves doing it, you may not be able to transfer the credit.

Most importantly, you can only transfer airtime from Etisalat to Etisalat (9mobile), you cannot transfer your phone credit to another network (MTN, Glo, Airtel) or any other telecommunication that isn’t Etisalat (9Mobile).

But before I go on, I’d like to show you how you can easily transfer Airtime on 9mobile to other users on the network, I want to point you to our detailed guide on Etisalat/9mobile data plans.

We have compiled a huge list of monthly, weekly, daily and other 9mobile data plans, their validity period and subscription codes to get on board the data offers.

9mobile is one of the fastest mobile networks in Nigeria for internet browsing although their data plans are very pricey.

Etisalat (9mobile) Airtime Transfer Code

The 9Mobile airtime transfer code is 223. With this code, any Etisalat customer will be able to send credit from his line to another Etisalat line.

Your transfer PIN is set at 0000 by default (for people who haven’t transferred credit on your line before). Also, you can only transfer the credit in your main account balance and not your bonus credit.

Before transferring credit from your 9mobile line, you are recommended to change the transfer PIn. To do this, dial 2470000*NEWPIN#; the PIN must a 4-digit number.

Take for example, if you want to change the code to 0101, dial 2470000*0101#. You will get a message immediately about you change the transfer PIN.

How To Transfer Credit From Etisalat/9Mobile

To transfer credit on Etisalat (9mobile), dial the code 223PINAmountPhone Number#. Take for an example, if you want to send a credit of ₦500 to 08010912767 and your transfer PIN code is 0101, what you need to do is to dial 223010150008010912767#.

A pop-up message telling you to dial 1 will be displayed to you on your screen, this is done to confirm the transaction.

After this, you’ll receive a message to confirm your airtime/credit transfer. Sending of credit should be done on the 9mobile line where you are transferring from.

Also, your credit must be greater or up to the amount you want to transfer. The airtime transfer will not be successful if the amount you want to send is more than what you have in your airtime account balance.

This is all you should know about how to transfer credit to Etisalat (9Mobile). You should check the number carefully before making the transfer because the transaction cannot be reversed after that.


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