How to get/Use Access bank token

Access Bank

The Access Bank token is a security device that allows generating encrypted codes needed to perform online and internet banking transactions. The Access Bank token number gives you access to initiate various transactions on the Access online banking platform.

How To Use Access Bank Token For Transactions

The Access Bank token is in three different types namely-

  • Mini Token
  • Pocket Token
  • Soft Token


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The token is a string of numbers that authorizes you to use the internet banking service. To use the token, launch the mobile app, enter your PIN, and the token number. Once you enter the token number, you’ll be able to make transactions on the Access bank mobile app.

The Access Bank Internet Banking platform allows you to make certain financial transactions from the bank’s website or mobile app. The transactions are done electronically, therefore, you do not need to visit the banking hall to perform a financial transaction.

You may need to get the Access bank token hard token to perform some transactions on the Access online banking platform. In this article, we will guide you on how to get the Access Bank hard token for banking & financial transactions.

How To Generate Access Token (hard & soft)

Before you can get the access bank hard token, you must be an Access Bank customer and you must’ve registered for the Access Online internet banking platform.

You can register by simply walking into any Access Bank and making a request for the internet banking application form. Alternatively, you can register online at the bank’s website which is

If you want to get the Access Bank soft or hard token, simply visit any Access Bank branches near you. Talk to the customer service representative and make a request for the bank token. Currently, the Access bank token number is issued at the cost of N1,500. So, you can get the Access Bank hard token for N1,500.

How To Generate Access Bank OTP Code

A lot of people find it difficult to generate the Access Bank OTP code. The OTP is a One Time Password that is required to make transactions from the Access Bank mobile and internet banking platform.

To get the OTP, simply make a transaction on an online merchant store or eCommerce website. When you make a purchase with your debit card, an OTP will be sent to your email address or the phone number linked to your bank account. The OTP is valid only for a short period of time.

When the enter the OTP, the transaction which you’re doing at that point in time will be confirmed. Most importantly, generating the OTP is free and make sure that you do not disclose your OTP to anyone.


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