Have you uninstalled your Google Play Services application? Did you phone come without Google Play Services pre-installed? Or is a third-party application requesting an updated version of Google Play Services? In this detailed article, we have given a comprehensive tutorial on how to update Google Play Services, as well as install from scratch.

Any Android mobile is built upon a series of basic applications. Most of them are conspicuously planted on the home screen, like the Phone app, SMS, Contacts or the services offered by Google itself such as: Gmail, Google Maps and the all-important Google Play Store.

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However, there are some that function in the background and are less perceptible or accessible, but are integral to the proper running of your device. The most important of such softwares working behind the scene is Google Play Services.

It is always there, in the background, managing various tasks and making sure that your phone functions smoothly. It is the basic pillar and cog that unites a lot of applications and services, therefore, it becomes pertinent that it is constantly updated. If you are still flummoxed about the use of app itself here is a detailed explanation. In this article we will not only show how to update Google Play Services but also the installation process on those Android phones that do not come pre-installed with it.

What is Google Play Services and what does it do?

Google Play Services is an application that is responsible for articulating multiple elements on any Android device. When installed, this app handles all the functions that Google includes in its applications so that we can access them from any app that needs it.

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It is always in the background, so we never interact directly with it, but every time an app uses a library that is dependent on Google Play Services, this tool displays the information.

Why isn’t the app developer directly integrating it so that we don’t depend on Google? Very easy.

Using Google Play Services has benefits for both users and app creators. For you, as a consumer, it provides you with the leisure of enjoying a number of features and news without having to depend on the OTA updates that each manufacturer sends. Google Play Services is the tool that allows you to put some order between the different versions of Android and subsequently ensuring that no user is left behind of any feature.

In illustration, apps that use notifications as an integral part of its functioning such as WhatsApp, Instagram or Sofascore will find it impossible to send notifications without a proper functioning of Google Play Services.

For developers, using Google Play Services means that they do not have to invest time and effort in reviewing their app every time Google introduces a change. As long as the link to the library is there, the work process continues without hassles.

In short, Google Play Services is the motherboard that helps any Android device with a version higher than 2.3 Gingerbread to remain relevant.

How to Update Google Play Services

Google Play Services is found within the Google application store, but unlike other apps, it automatically updates itself and users do not have to be conscious of whether or not the latest version is downloaded. This is the most common scenario, but in cases where this might not play out, there is also a solution.

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The most straightforward procedure on how to update Google Play Services is through a manual search on the Google Play Store.

In two steps: First open Google Play and search for “Google Play Services”. If the ‘Update’ button appears, it means that the app is not up to date. Click on it and wait for it to download and install.

If you notice at any time that an app that depends on Google does not work well or at all, the root of the problem is probably here.

How to Install Google Play Services?

It may happen that your Android mobile does not have Google Play Services. This is usually a resultant of the fact that manufacturers pay a fee to include Google apps on their devices. But there are those who opt against this and serve their device with other alternative apps for various reasons, such as in China where Google tools are restricted.

If your device was purchased from any of the major brands, there is no cause for worry, since it will come pre-installed as standard. However if you got a device from a little-known brand in China, there is a huge likelihood that it does not come with pre-installed Google apps.

To confirm if your android has Google Play Services installed as standard or not, check if you have Gmail, Google Maps or any other app of the tech giants. If unavailable. It means that they have decided to do without it.

So does this imply that I cannot use my Google account? No, there is a solution.

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Fortunately, on Android there are several secure app stores that are responsible for uploading copies of the free apps on Google Play. APKMirror and APKPure are the best known and two of the most reliable. As Play Services is not a premium application, it is readily available on these platforms.

By downloading and installing from these locations, users can now connect their Google account and start downloading all the apps from the official store without any trouble. Although there are manufacturers who prefer to do without them, it is possible to configure everything the same way and have them work with zilch qualms.


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