Heavy menstrual bleeding in medical terms is called menorrhagia, this is the process whereby a lady loses more than 80 millimeters of blood each cycle, this could result to a very hazardous health issue, in a case where a lady loses more blood as she should during her menstruation could result to dizziness, tiredness and this could likely restrict the individual from doing her daily chores and activities.


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One major cause of menorrhagia has to do with hormones
Hormones are the great conductors of the menstrual cycle. This is to say the female hormones estrogen and progesterone help prepare a woman’s body for a possible pregnancy by thickening the uterine lining, which is called the endometrium.
 If the released egg isn’t fertilized, hormone levels will go down and the body will shed the endometrium, producing the bleeding known as the menstrual period.

In this very article we will look at the possible food to consum for the ascertainment of stopping heavy menstrual bleeding



1. Magnesium Rich Foods
Magnesium is critical mineral to adjust female hormones, for example, progesterone and estrogen. An insufficiency in magnesium can cause heavy menstrual bleeding monthly cycle.

Magnesium rich foods help to lessen menstrual bleeding. Nourishment rich in magnesium like sesame seeds, water melon seeds, oat, cocoa, pumpkin, squash must be incorporated into the eating routine to cure substantial menstrual bleeding.

2. Ginger
Ginger(adrak) encourages a great deal to diminish heavy bleeding. A mixture arranged by boiling ginger in water for a couple of minutes gives alleviation and helps stop menstrual flow.
The ginger drink can be sweetened with sugar or sugar to enhance its taste. You can take this drink after each dinner.

3. Mustard Seeds
Mustard seeds additionally help a great deal to lessen heavy bleeding. Take 40 grams of dried mustard seeds and granulate or grind to fine powder. Take 2 grams of mustard seed powder with milk twice every day during menstrual cycle to diminish inordinate bleeding. This is a compelling home solution for curing heavy menstrual menstrual bleeding.

4. Cinnamon
Take half teaspoon of grounded cinnamon and include some warm water. Stir for a couple of minutes and include honey. Drink it two times each day to stop heavy menstrual bleeding.

Utilization of Cinnamon is a standout amongst other home solution for curinh heavy menstrual bleeding. You can likewise drink cinnamon tea to control heavy bleeding menstrual cycle.

5. Cold Compress
An other powerful approach to stop heavy menstrual bleeding is utilizing a frosty pack or cold compress.
The cold temperature will cause vasoconstriction, which implies narrowing of the veins. This will help in decreasing the stream of menstrual blood. Take some ice blocks and place them in a thin towel. Tie it and put it over your stomach area and rests. Give it a chance to remain over your mid-region or waist region for 10-15 minutes and afterward remove the cold compress. Repeat this procedure after at regular intervals until the point that you get alleviation from heavy bleeding

6. Apple Cider Vinegar
Utilization of apple juice vinegar is another powerful approach to moderate the menstrual stream and manage the period. Include 2 teaspoons of apple juice vinegar in a glass of water. For best outcomes, drink this 3 times each day during your period.
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7. Amla juice and Honey
A blend of amla juice and honey is additionally extremely advantageous to stop heavy bleeding. Take 1-2 tablespoons of gooseberry(amla) juice wіth honey on an empty stomach.

8. Unripe papaya
Take a medium estimated unripe papaya and eat it as the day progress. Unripe papaya helps facilitate the heavy bleeding during periods. Papaya encourages in smoother constractions of the uterus which additionally eases the aching muscles of the uterus. This is one reason papaya isn’t suggested for consumption during first trimester of pregnancy as it can trigger a premature delivery. In any case, raw papayas are incredible solution for Menorrhagia as they help in less demanding uterine contractions.

A few Precautions and Useful Tips
(i)Drink 10-12 glasses of water day by day tο expel poisons frοm thе body.

(ii)Foods rich in magnesium are extremely viable to cure this issue.

(iii)Avoid extreme and overwhelming activity during thіѕ condition.

(iv)Get a lot of rest.

(v)Don’t lift heavy weighted objects during period.

(vi)Avoid intake of hot sustenance.

(vii)Avoid intake  sugary foods during this period


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