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Are you tired of been tagged unnecessarily by your friends on Facebook,? Have you been searching for a way to stop unnecessary tagging on Facebook?

Then  you’re in the right place.

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Tagging is a means of including a username of an individual to a photo or article been posted online, either on Facebook or any other social media app that enables that.

The main reason you’re been tagged on Facebook by your friends is because, they want you to see the image or post you’ve been tagged with, whenever you log in.

What of in a situation whereby the picture or post you were tagged with, is very embarrassing? or maybe the picture or post dosnt suit your personality? Or maybe you’re been tagged multiple times by multiple individuals in a single day,?  It becomes a problem and frustrating to you.

What You Will Learn


In this article I’m gonna disclose a simple way you can disable your user from been tagged unnecessarily without you’re concent on Facebook.


Log in your Facebook account, on the right top bar, click on the three (3) lines, as indicated in the picture below.

Note: please ensure you updated your Facebook App

2. Scroll down, to Settings & Privacy, and click on it, as indicated in the picture Below.

3. Click on settings as indicated in the picture below.

4. Click on Timeline &Tagging. as indicated in the picture below


5. Click on “Review posts you’re tagged in before the post appears on your Timeline” as indicated in the picture below


6. After you must have taken the previous Step, a new page will be revealed to you,

Where it is written “Timeline Review” you Will see a round circle node, been drifted to the left side, As indicated in the picture below.

Then Click or Tap on the circle node to enable

7. After you must have clicked or Tapped on the round circle node, it will turn blue in colour and drift to the right hand side, as indicated in the picture below.

Congratulations you have enabled your ability to review any post or picture you’re been tagged with before it’s been posted on your timeline.

This will enable you be aware of any post you’re been tagged with, before it’s been posted on your timeline.

This is to say, when ever you’re been tagged to any post or picture, Facebook will notify you, then it’s up to you to make decision if you would like the post to be posted on your Timeline or not.



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