Gaming Business In Nigeria.

A video game store is a place where all types or varieties of games are played. Ranging from soccer games, basketball ball games, wrestling games, racing games, etc. But mostly individuals patronize soccers games section more because of it’s popularity worldwide.

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Starting up a video gaming store business in Nigeria can yeild you lots of income in hours. Infact if you have been to a video gaming store before you’ll truely understand what I’m talking about.

The owners of video gaming store makes huge some of money hourly, and can make roughly ₦10,000 daily if the traffic is high.

I’m talking from observation and investigation, I have three friends who owns and runs a video gaming store business, their names are Stanley, Fred, and Anthony to be precise. Stanley being my very good friend gave me a well detailed information on the estimate of income he makes daily from his video gaming business.


When I asked him how much he makes hourly from his video gaming business, he told me he makes roughly ₦500 – ₦1000 per hour, (because he has 4 sets of video games in his store). Now you can imagine how much he makes a day.

When I asked him how much he charges per gaming section, he said; he charges ₦50. He further said he sets his game time duration at 10 minutes per session. Which means he earns ₦50 from each person per gaming session.

He further said people mostly play soccers games in his gaming store, and soccer games are either played a single player or double player.

And he charges ₦50 per single player and if they are double player he earns ₦100 from each person.

Now let’s do the calculations to know how much he makes per hour.

He charges ₦50 per gaming session, and each gaming session lasts for 10 minutes only.

And he has four sets of video games in his store.

Calculations Per Single Player.

Per person he charges ₦50
Per gaming session is 10 minutes
60 minutes makes an hour

How many 10 minutes makes 1 hour? The answer is 6.

60 minutes ÷ 10 minutes = 6

₦50 × 6 = N300

Which means he makes N300 per hour from each video game.

Calculations Per Double Player.

He earns N100 per double player

₦100 × 6 = ₦600

Which means he makes ₦600 per hour from each video games.

Remember he has four sets of video games.

Let’s do the calculations

₦50 × 4 Sets of video games = ₦200

He’ll earn ₦200 from each sets of video games, per single player.

₦100 × 4 Sets of video games = ₦400

He’ll earn ₦400 from each sets of video games per double player.


Let’s Calculate How Much He Makes From His Four Sets Of Video Games Per Hour

₦200 × 6 = ₦1,200

Which means he earns ₦1,200 per hour from his four sets of video games per single players.

₦400 × 6 = ₦2,400

Which means he earns ₦2,400 per hour from his four sets of video games per double player

Now you can imagine how much he earns per day.

When I asked him what time he starts up his gaming business daily, he said; he normally opens up by 9am and closes by 10pm. An estimate of 13 hours

Let’s do the maths

From our previous calculations,
he earns ₦1,200 per hour from his four sets of video games per single players.

That means ₦1,200 × 13hours = ₦15,600

Which means he earns ₦15,600 per day

Per double player, he earns ₦2,400 per hour.
₦2,400 × 13hours = ₦31,200

Which means he makes whooping ₦31,200 per day, isn’t that amazing?

After taking my time to carefully make this calculations, I was truely shocked and had to write on it, to let’s you guys know how lucrative and profitable video gaming business really is.


If my good friend Stanley could make such huge amount of money from his video gaming business within 13 hours, imagine how much he could make in a week. And imagine how much he could make when he increases the number of his video games.

In video gaming business, the traffic normally use to be low in the morning, this is because people who mostly plays these video games are youths, ranging from 18 – 25 years. And by that time of the day (morning) they usually go to school, while some go to their various place of work.

But traffic becomes very high during the evening time, because students must been back from school.

But he (Stanley) said that students normally petronizes him the most, infact 80% of his customers are students. He said.

He further said he makes more money during the weekends.

The good thing about this business is, you don’t need to buy games CDs
you can alway go online to download the latest game versions for free with a flash drive and you can play then directly from your flash drive without being worried of changing your Video game lens every now and then.

Things You Should Know Before Starting Up A Gaming Business.


Choosing a location for your video gaming business is really important. Ensure to choose a good location. Possibly where there is high population such as busy town or street or around school campus.

My friend (Stanley) set up his video gaming store around school environment (higher institution), his gaming store isn’t too far from the school gate.

Steady Power supply.

This is the major challenge involved in this business. A gaming store needs steady and uninterrupted power supply to avoid interrupting your customers and inconveniencing them while playing their games.

But with a good generator set, you can solve the problem of power supply. Ensure your generator is new and has no technical faults. If possible you can service your generator every two weeks and change the oil every month.

Restrict Under 18years.

This is a very Important. Never allow individuals below 18 years to play games in your store. This is to avoid Police harassment and interrogation.

Disallow Gambling.

Never allow any form of gambling practices in your gaming store, to avoid causing nuisance and attracting the police. You can boldly put up a notice board that says “No Betting” or “No Gambling

Register Your Business.

Ofcourse all business are registered in Nigeria under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to avoid unnecessary harassment from the authorities.
The informations required to completely register your business in Nigeria includes:

  • Approved Name of the Business
  • General Nature of the Business
  • Address of the Business
  • Name, Address, Occupation and other details of the Proprietors of the Business
  • Signature of the Proprietors

Things You Need To Start A Video Gaming Business.

1. Video Games

To start up your video gaming business, you need video games. A good and popular Example is PlayStation (PES) and Xbox. But as a beginner who is new to the business and without much capital, I’ll advise you go for PlayStation, because it’s more cheaper compared to Xbox.

Xbox video games are quite expensive, that’s I advise you should Start with play station (PES). When your busines starts to grow, you can add Xbox to your gaming store.

A fairly used PlayStation is about ₦12,000 – ₦15,000, while the brand new one goes for ₦25,000. You can Start your gaming business with two PlayStation video games, as your business begins to progress or grow then you can add more video games to your collections.

2. Coloured Television

A colourful plasma television with nice graphics such as LG product can give your video gaming business an advanced looks.

A fairly used 21 inches plasma coloured Television is about ₦15,000 – ₦18,000. While the brand new one goes for ₦26,000 – ₦30,000. (Depending on the company Product)

3. Generator sets

A brand new medium generator (not small) cost ₦35,000, while the fairly used goes for ₦20,000 – ₦25,000.

I’ll advise you don’t use small generator if you run multiple video game sets, as the power supply will be poor. You can only use small generator if you run just one video game set and one plasma tv in your gaming store.

A brand new small generator (tiger) goes for ₦25,000, while the fairly used goes for ₦13,000 – ₦15,000.

4. Chairs and Tables

You can employ a carpenter to construct long bench chairs with soft foams on it, where your customers will sit down comfortably to play their games. Or you can simply purchase plastic chairs

Ensure to provide a cabinet-like table, where you can keep your TV and video games. Your carpenter can also construct that for you.

5. Sound System (optional)

Providing a good sound system for your video gaming business may be optional, but it will really give you an edge over your competitors.

Sound system will make your business stand out, as it will make your video gaming store sound busy, which will attract more customers.

You can get the cheapest LG home theater for ₦27,000, while fairly used goes for ₦15,000 – ₦17,000 depending.

Note: don’t tune your sound system too high, so as not to cause nuisance or noise in the environment.

6. Standing Fans or Ceiling Fans

This is very important. Ensure to provide either a ceiling fan or standing fan for your
customers it will go a long way to make your video gaming store appear cool and relaxing. As your business grows you can install AC’s in your video gaming store (if you like).

A brand new 16 inches standing fan goes for ₦6,000 – ₦7,000 depending on the manufactured company. While Ox 26inch Industrial Standing Fan goes for ₦22,500

A brand new ceiling fan goes for ₦12,000 – ₦15,000 depending on the manufactured company.

Once you start your video gaming business, advertise it using flyers or posters, to create more public awareness.


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