How to Share/unshare data on MTN (Updated 2021)


In this guide, I will show you things about your MTN data:

  • How to Share MTN Data 
  • How to Unshare Data

How to share data on MTN

In a bid to make the world simpler, Well, MTN introduced what is called MTN Data Share,  MTN Data Gifting and MTN Data Rollover. So now gone are those days when it’s practically impossible to share or gift your friends and love ones data on MTN Network.

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But today, we’ll be talking about how to share data on MTN without encountering any problem. This feature is accessible to MTN subscribers that are on the Pay As You Go, MTNChoice and MTNTopUP tariff plans.

Sharing data bundles with family, friends, and colleagues at work comes with ease. All you need to do this kind gesture is to follow a few steps. However, before you can share your MTN data bundle with any of your close circles, you need to activate MTN DataShare first.

How to Activate MTN Data share

Step 1: Purchase the data bundle

The first thing to do on how to share data on MTN is to buy a data bundle first by dialing 1412*163# on your mobile device. After all, you can’t share what you don’t have. Hence, it’s logical you purchase a data bundle if you don’t have enough.

Step 2: Activate MTN DataShare

Now that you have a data bundle on your MTN line, the next thing is to activate MTN DataShare by dialing 1415# on your phone dialer.

Step 3:  Manage your data bundle

The next course of action is to manage your data by clicking on “Manage Data Bundle” on the popup instructions after which you’ll click on the DataShare.

Alternatively, you can simply dial a USSD code and follow the popup instructions afterward:

  • Step #1:  Dial *141*5#;
  • Step #2:  Pres 4; and lastly
  • Step #3:  Press 2

How to share data on MTN SIM

Now that you’ve activated DataShare on your MTN line, below is how you can share data on MTN SIM. But be informed that the minimum amount of data you can have on your SIM card is 250mb:

  • Step #1: Dial *131*2*1# on your phone dialer;
  • Step #2: You’ll see a pop-up instructions on your screen and then Press 1 – for registration;
  • Step #3: Then Press 2 for change of old PIN (0000) to a new PIN (your choice);
  • Step #4: Then Press 3 to buy data as gift;
  • Step #5: Finally, Press 4 for data sharing.

However, you’ll receive SMS notification of your new pin if the registration is successful and that’s that on how to share data on MTN line.

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How to Unshare Data on MTN

Apparently, there are numerous search results for how to share data bundle on MTN Network but to see a single post talking about how to unshared data on MTN SIM card is jaw-dropping.

So if you have been surfing the net for long on how to unshared data on your MTN SIM card, consider your problem solved today as we’ll explain the simple techniques involved on how to do so.

Of course, we’ve discussed extensively on how to share data on MTN, I’ll just go straight to the point without beating around the bush. Thus, it is safer to say there is no special way or method to unshared data on MTN Network.

But as a sponsor, you sure have limitations on your data sharing bundle. For instance, you can’t share data when you have less than 250mb and so on. That is to say, MTN will stop sharing your data with your friends and colleagues once you’ve exhausted your current plan.

That being said, you can’t unshared unless the current plan is exhausted or below 250mb. The good news here is that if you purchase another data bundle, the initial registered beneficiaries cannot enjoy the newly purchased data unless you add them up again.

However, since you can’t unshare your MTN data, you may want to follow the below steps on how to remove the beneficiary.

How to remove a beneficiary on data sharing:

  • Step 1: Dial a USSD code

Since MTN gives you the grace of sharing data with five beneficiaries, you still have the discretion to remove and add another person.

To remove a beneficiary, simply dial 1312# on your mobile device dialer and press send.

  • Step 2: Follow the popup instructions.

A pop up will be displayed on your phone screen, select remove beneficiary and follow the pop-ups to finish up the transaction. I hope you find this information on ‘how to unshare data on MTN’ useful.

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