How to Root an Android Device without PC (2021)

How To Root Android Without Pc

Whether you want to have CPU clocking capabilities, so that, you can make your device faster or you just want to install an app you love so much, but it’s incompatible on the smartphone you’re currently using.

Well maybe you just want to uninstall those preinstalled apps from your phone manufacturer that you don’t need or make use of, could be you want to completely disable those ads that pop up on your apps and games. Whatever your reason is for looking for root access to your device, this article has got you covered.

Rooting Android devices is becoming difficult by the day because the smartphone developers don’t want it, and Google, the owner of the OS platform is against it. Security updates are constantly being pushed to devices to resolve exploits, some of these exploits are being used by rooting software.

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These constant Google security updates make it quite difficult for a single app or a single rooting software to be compatible for all devices out there. In this article, we’re going to go through five rooting software that you can try to know what works for that particular Android device you want to get rooted.

Five Methods to Root Android Device without PC

So before the development of mobile software applications that can give users root access within few clicks, an Android phone user that desired root access would have to get it manually by connecting to a computer and try to flash a custom ROM.

Seeing that this process required some level of technical know-how, ordinary users that wanted to use cool apps like greenify to save battery life were left out in one way or another. Good thing mobile app development for the same task came along. In most of these apps nowadays, nobody is left out, root access can be gotten with just a few clicks.

Even when exploits are not available for the device you’re using, and rooting doesn’t work, at least you’ve been allowed to try.

Now before we start, we need to understand that Google is not in support of rooting Android devices, and as such, these apps that can be used to gain root access are not on Google Play Store nor are they supported by Play Protect. To install them you need to “allow installation of apps from unknown sources.” These settings are located in security.

Now let’s get on the different ways you can root your Android smartphone.

  1. IROOT

You can easily download the iroot app from their website or any other third party app store like apkpure or malavida.iroot

This app is one of the best single click to root out there – my favourite. After downloading, get it installed and launch the app. If  you haven’t gotten your phone rooted it’ll show you “No Root Permission,” you can click on “Get Root Access” to get your device rooted.

iRoot app is a one-click to root and unroot. My love for this software admiration for this software is because it backs up your files during the rooting process so, you don’t really go through the stress of backing up before carrying the procedure.


Okay let’s say your device is just being stubborn and iroot doesn’t work another smart and efficient alternative is the kingroot app. This can be downloaded from the kingroot official website or from other third-party app download sites. It also uses the single click to root process which is why I recommend it, you don’t have to be a tech guru to get your device rooted.

The problem I have with this app is that currently supports devices running on Android 2.2 to Android 7.0, which means if my smartphone is fresh out the box with higher Android version, I may not have all that luck of getting the device rooted.

  1. Z4ROOT

This is one of the oldest rooting softwares still out there and still being constantly updated. Last update came in May 2021. If you have one of the high-end smartphones this is the best app to look at when trying to get root access. It’s proven to be very effective in rooting Samsung, HTC, and Sony devices.

It is a single click root app, so user it’s easy to use. Thee recent update came with a temporary root access feature. This allows you to root your device, test those applications that require root access and decide if you want to really say rooted or not. Big ups to OmgltsThemartguy for giving us this app in April 2011.


This is one of the most popular apps used for rooting Android smartphones. You cannot talk about rooting an Android phone without adding framaroot. The app comes completely free of ads and like other one clicks to root apps, you can also unroot with a single click.

Launch the app, select SuperSU click on an exploit (I use Gandalf), if your device is supported for that exploit, you’ll get rooted. You can try the different exploits to see what works for you. You could get it downloaded from any third-party app store.


This is an Android rooting app developed by guys at xda developers forum. It was released mainly for HTC and Motorola devices. If you’re looking to root your HTC Android and other options didn’t work for you, this app should get you root a access without any worries.

It’s also a single click to root app so you don’t need to be a specialist to use the app. You only need to install SuperSU and reboot then you’re good to go. With the war on root access being waged against Google’s security updates, xda developers have given HTC and Motorola users a fighting chance.

Before trying to use any of these ways to root your Android smartphone, it’s always advised that you have a ready backup for all your relevant data on the device.

Of course, the apps are completely safe, but as the IT guy said it’s good practice. Knowing that rooting Android device is not entirely safe, if things goes south and your device gets bricked, at least your files should be safe.


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