How to repair/format a corrupted Android SD card

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Ever had a faulty SD card that is not reading on your phone again? Many people tend to dispose of their SD cards if it stops reading without taking time to try to fix or format the SD card. If you’ve been looking for a way to fix or format a faulty SD card then we’ve got you covered. In this post, we will be sharing tips on how to repair/format a corrupted Android SD card
SD cards offer an additional storage device for devices that support external storage devices such as Android phones. An SD card can be used to store a variety of files on the chip-like device which is inserted into the Android device.How to repair/format a corrupted Android SD card
All SD cards come in the same chip size but vary in capacity and storage space allowed. It comes in different Memory sizes ranging from 128MB, 250MB, 320MB, 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB through to 1024GB (1TB) and more. 
The price of an SD card is solely dependent on the memory with little effect from the manufacturer, most Android phones have support for SD cards up to 1TB capacity. Imagine using a smartphone with this type of storage space. Let’s get back to the main reason for this post which is how to format a faulty Android SD card

How to repair/format a corrupted Android SD card

There are quite a number of ways to achieve this, and the method to use is dependent on the severity of the damage. If it’s simply not showing up on your Android device, you can simply turn off your phone, remove the SD card and reinsert again, then turn on the phone again. However, There’s no guarantee that this will work in all cases. If it doesn’t work for you and you need to format your SD card, then follow the steps listed below.How to repair/format a corrupted Android SD card

Method One (Card Reader)

  1. Remove the faulty SD card from your Android device, then insert into a card reader or a USB drive
  2. Connect the card reader to a computer, then open my computer menu using the command, Windows + E.
  3. On my computer menu, right-click on the SD card device
  4. Then select format/reset
  5. Click the File System box. You will see the 3 options – NTFS, FAT32, exFAT. Choose the one that you want to format.
  6.  Click Start.
  7. This will clear all the data from the SD card
  8. Remove the SD card from the card reader then insert it into your Android phone.

Method Two (Using Command Prompt)

  1. Connect the faulty SD card to your computer using a USB drive
  2. Open your “My Computer/This PC.” menu
  3. under the “Devices and drives” section, locate the SD card and note its drive letter.
  4. Now run Command Prompt and type “chkdsk h: /r”, where “h” is the drive’s letter.
  5. chkdsk command screen
  6. The chkdsk command scans the damaged SD card and checks for the issues and repairs the corrupt micro SD card. 
  7. After the completion of the scanning process, connect the SD card to your Android device and check if the “SD card is working” or still damaged.

Method Three (Assign New Drive Letter)

  1.  Connect the faulty SD card to your PC using a card reader or USB drive
  2. Open the Run dialogue box using Windows+R key
  3. Type in the command compmgmt.msc and hit Enter
  4. Under Storage option, select Disk Management
  5. Then you right-click the drive you want to assign a letter, which in this case is the faulty SD card
  6. Select Change Drive Letter and Paths
  7. A pop-up box appears, click on Change
  8. Select Assign following drive letter
  9. Choose the letter you want to give from the dropbox. Click OK
  10. Close the Computer Management window. Restart the computer, your SD card should be readable now. And can be formatted manually.How to repair/format a corrupted Android SD card

Causes of Faulty Android SD card

Many factors can lead to your SD card being corrupted or damaged as the case may be. Some of the frequently experienced causes are listed below.

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  • Physical damage to the SD card
  • Corrupt SD card file system
  • Force ejecting the micro SD card from a device during file transferring
  • Switching the same memory card across different devices.
  • Improper ejection of the SD memory card
  • It can be as a result of virus Installations


In this post, we have shared quite a number of ways on how to format a corrupted Android SD card. However, it is a good practice to adhere to the preventive measures listed above. Knowing the causes of SD card faults will help you better and protect your device from faults that may damage your device.

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