How To Remove Unwanted Ads On Android Phones –Infinix, Tecno, Gionee And Others

How To Remove Unwanted Ads On Android Phones –Infinix, Tecno, Gionee And Others

Welcome to mitrobe network,In this article I will be revealing key steps on How To Remove Unwanted Ads On Android Phones –Infinix, Tecno, Gionee And Others. Kindly follow through to the end and you wont regret it.Without any doubt, most Android users get bored by the sight of unwanted ads which appear suddenly or frequently on their phone screens.

If you constantly frown upon these ads and would like to remove them, you should find out what is responsible for their presence.

In this article, you’ll find out some of the reasons for encountering unwanted ads on your Android phone as well as the effective methods for removing the ads.

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Steps for Deactivating HiOS/XOS Launcher on Tecno/Infinix Phones

The presence of XOS launcher (on Infinix phones) and HiOS launcher (on Tecno phones) is usually the major reason for Android users’ encounter with annoying ads. While these launchers basically recommend apps for you in the form of ads, you can safely deactivate them provided you’re not satisfied with seeing those ads.

To do this, it’s recommended that you install a new launcher from Google Play and switch from HiOS or XOS to the new launcher. But if you don’t find this preferable, you can do the deactivation on your phone (i.e., without downloading any software) by following the steps below:

    • Toggle to the home screen of your Tecno or Infinix phone
    • Long-press any empty portion of the home screen and wait for some options to pop up down the home screen


  • Subsequently, tap Other Settings so that you’re able to deactivate app recommendation (Turning off app recommendation will prevent your Infinix or Tecno phone from receiving or displaying app recommendations any longer)

Preventing Pop up Ads on Gionee, Tecno and Infinix Phones

How to Remove or Stop Annoying Ads on Your Tecno, Infinix and Gionee Phones - Olexhome

The case of annoying pop-up ads on Android phones is often associated either with a specific app or virus. You have to ascertain whether a specific app is the cause by paying attention to when the ads usually pop up. Your surest bet is uninstalling a specific app if you observe that the pop-up ads appear each time you’re using that app. Another way out is to visit Google Play to download Ad Block Plus or a similar proven ad blocker.

In the instance that a specific virus is responsible for the annoying pop-up ads on your Gionee, Infinix or Tecno phone, you’ll likely experience the pop-up ads very often regardless of whether you’re opening specific apps or not. Should this be the case, one way out is to do some factory reset for your phone while another is to install an antivirus app and run a thorough scan on the phone.

Advisably, you should avoid installing unverified apps or third-party apps to avoid a situation of annoying pop-up ads in future.


Steps for Preventing Push Ads on Android Devices (Infinix, Gionee, Tecno, etc)

Users of Android phones encounter several ad types and one of these is the push ad/notification. Put simply, a push ad is the ad which suddenly appears on your phone’s notification panel. Many people get pissed to see these ads but luckily, it’s damn simple to block them. Follow the steps below to block push ads on your Android phone:

  • Wait for a push ad to appear on your phone’s screen
  • Tug down your phone’s notification panel and tap the ad
  • Doing the above will take you to the specific app causing the ad to appear
  • Within the app, explore the app settings and locate the option for deactivating the ad notification



We strongly believe that you have found the step-by-step ad removal methods above useful for stopping unwanted ads on your Android phone. However if you’re yet to make success with the ad removal method you chose, do well to specify how you want us to help you in the comment section below.


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