What is reading?

Reading is a multifaceted process involving word recognition, comprehension, fluency, and motivation. Learn how readers integrate these facets to make meaning from print. Reading is making meaning from print.

Everybody has a different way of reading and understand, for example; some individuals prefer to read in a noisy place before they could understand what they are reading, some can’t understand what they are reading except they have a music playing around them or they have an headphone (earphone) in their ear listening to music, some only prefer to read in a very quite place before they could understand, while some prefer reading and at the same time putting down some words (in their own understanding) before they could understand, every individual has his/her own way of reading and  understanding as our IQ varies.

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But in general there are tips that I learnt that has really helped me a lot to read and understand, because the main issue or problem students have is not able to understand what they are Reding which is very bad.

Without wasting much time  let’s go straight to the point


Before you start reading the body of a topic its advisable you should first understand what the topic is all about, for example; TOPIC ” LIFE STYLE OF ANIMALS” you should first ask your self what do I understand about the topic  “LIFE STYLE OF ANIMALS” then you should answer the question “life style of animals are those types of lifestyle and characters animals exhibits” from the point you just made you will discover you have atleast understood 30% of what you are about to read while you have not even touched the
The body of the topic,


Earlier on you’ve already answered your self what the “LIFE STYLE OF ANIMALS”  is, now it will be more easier for you to understand more about “THE LIFE STYLE OF ANIMALS” while Reading the body of the topic, because the body of the topic will give you more details about what it’s topic is all about, it will explain in details about what “LIFE STYLE OF ANIMALS” is all about.  In this case you will find it very easy to understand and digest.

NOTE: If there is any sentence, grammar, or language you don’t understand while reading the body of the topic you can Google it out, I’m sure google will give you explanation about it in a layman’s understanding.


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