So many people don’t really know how to properly apply their body lotion which is very bad.

And this will not enable the lotion to work properly as it ought to.
 In this artict I’m going to be teaching you guys on how to perfectly choose a lotion suitable for your skin and how to properly apply it for an effective result .

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Here we Go.
Step 1 Always wash your face with a mild soap (not a harsh soap) before applying your lotion.
This is to say your skin must be free from impurities which are stock in between the skin pores (little hole on the skin surface)for this to happen you must wash your face thoroughly to keep it clean.

Step 2
Pick a formula suited to your skin type and the degree of moisturizing you’re trying to achieve. Lightweight, greaseless lotions absorb quickly yet may not moisturize intensely. Thick body creams may take longer to rub into the skin, but provide deeper moisture — especially on areas such as elbows, knees and heels.

Step 3
Always apply your lotion on a moist skin (skin that is a little wet or has little of water on the surface) this is very importance to be noted.
Because the main reason why lotions don’t work is because they don’t penetrate into the skin, to enable the penetration of your lotion to the skin

√ Don’t completely dry your skin after shower, leave a little water on the skin then apply your lotion this will make the lotion penetrate well and work effectively


Step 5
Always Exfoliate( this is a process of removing the dead top layer of the skin for skincare products to penetrate well) exfoliating is very important if you really want your product to work effectively exfoliating mildly,You can do this by

√ Mixing powdered sugar with little honey or olive oil rub it in a circular motion on the skin, with this process you are Exfoliating the skin.

Step 6
Always apply sunscreen after the application of your lotion during the day
Sunscreen : Is also called “Skin protection ” it’s in a liquid form, and its applicable it helps to defend the skin from the rays of the sun to avoid skin darkening.

I hope I have helped in bringing this information to your door step ?

Have a nice day

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