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Coronavirus is fast spreading around the world and health recommendations have proven to a reasonable extent that hand sanitizing is one of the effective ways of curbing the spread. Since there isn’t any need to stress that hand sanitizers contain disinfectants that kill bacteria and viruses, it’s essential for every home to have hand sanitizers at the moment.
Whether you need a hand sanitizer for use at home, at work or for some commercial purpose, you needn’t worry about making it. Of course, making hand sanitizers isn’t as difficult as some people may have claimed.
In this article, you’ll find out the step-by-step guide on how to make a hand sanitizer you can always use to prevent the spread of coronavirus wherever you are.
But before that, here are the Essential Ingredients for Making Your Hand Sanitizer
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  1. Aloe vera gel –this is an essential ingredient you should add to the isopropyl alcohol. Using the alcohol alone can make you sustain burns. You can make good use of the aloe vera gel in this regard.
  2. Isopropyl alcohol –this is readily obtainable from nearby pharmacies or chemists’ shops. It’s an indispensable ingredient as well as a disinfectant (Needless to say, disinfectants can help get rid of viruses and bacteria). Failure to include isopropyl alcohol in your hand sanitizer renders the product ineffective. Also, the amount of isopropyl alcohol or of aloe vera gel you should get depends on your need of a hand sanitizer. But make sure the end product contains at least 60% alcohol with probably 30% and 10% for aloe vera and essential oils respectively.
  3. Essential oils –these are nice-smelling oils which give the pleasant feel needed for perfumery or flavouring. Unlike aloe vera and isopropyl alcohol, essential oils are secondary ingredients but adding them to your sanitizers can make a reasonable difference.
  4. Protective gloves –these are to be used while mixing the ingredients just to save you the danger of burning your hands. It is important that you use protective gloves (such as nitrile gloves) because coming in contact with isopropyl alcohol unprotected can burn your hands.
  5. Hand-held containers –these are bottles or similar containers for holding the finished product
  6. A bowl, a turning stick and a spoon –the bowl is needed for holding the liquid ingredients, the turning stick is for stirring them together while the spoon will be required for scooping the end product into hand-held containers such as travel bottles
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The Step-by-Step Procedure for Making a Hand Sanitizer

  • Get the bowl into which you can pour the aloe vera gel and the isopropyl alcohol. The mixture (of the aloe vera gel and the isopropyl alcohol) must be such that every 2 ounces of aloe vera gel is mixed with 4 ounces of isopropyl alcohol. Meanwhile, note that your hand sanitizer should contain the minimum of 60% alcohol so that it produces the desired effect.
  • Pour the essential oils into the mixture so as to give it a pleasant smell. Of course, essential oils are not a compulsory ingredient but their fragrance will give your hand sanitizer an attractive feel. Advisably, be sure you aren’t pouring excess drops of your desired essential oil into the mixture since essential oils aren’t expected to constitute a great proportion of the end product.
  • Pick up a turning stick and gently stir the ingredients (alcohol, aloe vera gel and essential oils) until they have mixed together thoroughly, hence giving a nice texture of hand sanitizer.
  • Having done that, the hand sanitizer is ready and you can start scooping it into a container.

The amount of hand sanitizers you prepare probably depends on whether you need the sanitizers for household use or for a commercial purpose. Again, you might not consider some ingredients essential but any time you’re making a hand sanitizer, do well to have isopropyl alcohol, aloe vera gel and to use protective gloves.

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