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Not a fan of skincare Diy mixing? Or you’re too busy for that due to tight business schedule or busy at work, but still interested in skincare tips? Then worry no more, because you’re about to learn how to pro mix your Skincare lightening cream.

I have been updating articles on how to make different varieties of homemade skincare products which I normally call Diy (Do it yourself).

But I have come to think about individuals who don’t really have time for Diys. Yea, I know some individuals don’t really have time to formulate diy homemade skincare products due to tight schedule or busy at work.

Considering that, I have decided to write an article on how to pro mix your Skincare lightening cream, which is the fastest means of making your skincare products and less time consuming.

What do I mean by how to pro mix your Skincare lightening cream?, This will take us to what skincare pro mixing is.

What Is Pro Mixing in Skincare?

In my own term, skincare pro mixing method is a process whereby one mixes or combines an already manufactured skincare products together for the sole aim of formulating a desired skincare end product.

Skincare pro mixing method is fast in formulating because you don’t need to start from scratch by dissolving powders using double boiler method, measuring out ingredients such as essential oils and others, melting down butters and the rest of them.

In skincare pro mixing method, all you need to do is add up your skincare products to make a fine lotions or cream.

Formulating a Diy skincare products requires time and patience, but some individuals don’t really have that time some don’t even have interest in Diy skincare.

So in order not to be left behind or cut off, I decided to write this article to teach you guys how to pro mix your skincare lightening cream.


So, let’s jump straight to business shall we?

How To Pro Mix Your skincare Lightening Cream.

For you to make a simple skincare lightening pro mix cream, you need the following ingredients.

  • Base Cream
  • Lightening Serum Of Your Choice
  • Lightening tube gel or Cream (Optional)
  • 1-2 Teaspoon liquid lactic acid or glycolic Acid or salicylic acid
  • 2-3 Tablepoon of glycerin or Aloe vera gel.

Note: Ensure both lightening tubes creams, gels and serums are all natural and safe to use and does not contain any toxic ingredients which can be harmful to the skin.

A pro mixed skincare lightening cream doesn’t really require much ingredients, except you want it so.

Proceedures On How To Pro Mix Your Skincare Lightening Cream

Step 1: Get a clean bowl.

Step 2: Get a pure base cream, about one full glass cup measurement 250Ml, you can also use your measuring cup.

You can purchase your base cream from a reputable beauty stores, or you can follow this link to learn how to make a base cream.

Step 3: Pour your base cream in your clean mixing bowl.

Step 4: Then add your skin Lightening serums, gels and creams to your base cream

Step 5: Add Either lactic acid or Glycolic acid, for Exfoliating, so as to enable your cream penetrate deeper into your skin and do it’s work. Although, this is quite optional because lactic acid, glycolic or salicylic acid are usually added to base creams during its production.

Just incase any of these ingredients wasn’t added you can add then in accordance to measurement stated above. You can learn more on why you should exfoliate your skin.

If they were added to the base cream, then I don’t see any reason why you should add any exfoliating acids to your pro mixing.

But you can still add alittle of any of these acids, if you like. About a teaspoon. But make sure you add vegetable glycerin or aloe vera gel, this will supply more moisture to your skin and keep it well hydrated.


Note: Use liquid lactic acid, salicylic acid or glycolic acid for easy mixing and blending.

You can add more glycerin and aleo vera gel if you like. This will help moisturize your skin, keeping them supple and well hydrated. You don’t want to have a dry skin, do you? I hope not.

Step 6: Then stir your base cream thoroughly, for proper mixing or blending.

Skincare pro mixing method doesn’t really need an exact measurement. It’s up to you to make your own measurement choice or decisions.

You can also use your own choice of serums, tube creams and gels, what matters most is making sure they do not contain any form of toxic ingredients which can be dangerous to the skin. Follow this link to learn more about skincare Ingredients you should never put on your skin.

You can choose to use 500ml of base cream, mixed with 2 bottles of skin lightening serums and 2 skin lightening tube creams or gels.


What Serums And Tube Creams & Gels Should I Use In My Mixture?

For the best and effective ingredients for skincare lightening are Kojic acidVitamin C and alpha arbutin. So using an effective serum that contains either or both Kojic acid, vitamin C and alpha arbutin should be a good idea. If you don’t really know much about this ingredients. Follow this link to learn more about these skincare lightening ingredients.

If you want to use Kojic acid serum then I recommend Maxi white S1 brightening serum (made in France). A very effective, potent and all natural serum made with pure Kojic acid.

Note: Kojic acid S1 Serum has two types. One with Hydroquinone and one with kojic acid. You’re to use the one with Kojic acid. Follow this link to see a picture of Maxi white S1 brightening serum with Kojic acid.


If you want to use alpha arbutin serum, I recommend IKB Serum or Precious Serum by Mitchell brand. Mitchell brand Products are effective and all natural.

If you want to use a Serum Containing both alpha arbutin and Vitamin C, I recommend Lemonvate Serum by Mitchell brand. This serum contains two powerful skin lightening ingredients, which makes the serum very effective and potent.

You want to use tube gels,? Then I recommend skin brightening gels by Mitchell brand. Trust me when I say they are very effective and does what they say. Follow this link to read about Mitchell brand gels in details.

Note: The Brightening tube gels mentioned in article link above also has their tube cream version. So if you’re not a fan of gels you can go for their tube creams.

Additional Pro Tips

  • Before using any skincare products in your pro mixings, ensure they do not contain any harmful or skin toxic ingredient.
  • Ensure your mixing material are clean
  • Before using any skincare products in your mixings ensure they are authentic and original. Ensure to purchase your skincare products from reputable source.
  • Ensure to check the expiring date of your skincare products before including in your mixings.

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