After handling the hectic detox and rehab process, the next step should be starting a new life back in the community. This process can be overwhelming as you have to fight stigma and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should, however, note that the family has a bigger role to play when it comes to reintegrating an afflicted person. The family can create the right avenue for the recovering addict to utilize while at home. Here is how to prepare for the reintegration of an afflicted person back to the community.

Create a Sense of Community

Despite the broken relationship with the individual, it is important to show unity when reintegrating them back into the community. When you come together as a family and welcome the individual back, making them feel settled becomes easier. When you create a sense of community, you make them feel at ease. When they find a sense of community, opening up the problem and working towards recovery becomes easier. Most recovering addicts want solace and a feeling of understanding from those around them. It also becomes easier to cater to their needs when everyone in the community becomes helpful.

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Provide Financial Support

Financial struggles are among the triggers that might compel an individual to start using it again. When they start getting stressed about finances, they can resort to drug abuse for solace. As a family, it is crucial to consider the financial needs of the individual and find ways to help them. Providing financial support or helping them find a source of income is vital during the reintegration process. You can recommend jobs and other income-generating activities that might help them feel settled at home. Note that the sooner they get a job and remain busy, the faster it is to achieve full recovery.

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Develop a Treatment Plan

Note that to achieve full recovery, the patient must commit to the treatment plan. After the detox and rehab process, the patient might still require proper medication. As you prepare to reintegrate an individual back to the community, be keen on their medication and treatment needs. Developing a treatment plan becomes vital as they can progress with the initial treatment programs without feeling overwhelmed. Developing a treatment plan will also help the family assess the financial needs and how to handle them. It will be easier to understand your medical needs and find a healthcare provider to handle them when you click here.  A proper treatment plan will also help address secondary illnesses that might arise after detox and rehab experience.

Book Appointments for Intensive Psychiatric Evaluation

Apart from understanding the co-occurring mental health issues and how to handle them, it is prudent for the patient to undergo intensive psychiatric evaluation. Note that the change of environment and lifestyle can take a big toll on the individual and result in culture shock once they return to the community. It is crucial to understand the mental stability of the patient who is reintegrated. Booking appointments with a reputable psychiatrist goes a long way into making the reintegration process easy. The evaluation sessions will help the person express their fears and help them find better ways to settle at home.

Find Ways to Avoid Relapse or Triggers to Use Again

Your efforts to reintegrate an individual back to the family and community are only successful when they find it easy to resist triggers. Find ways to avoid relapse or situations that might force them to use it again. Apart from seeking counseling services, they make it easy for them to interact in the community and engage in productive activities. Encourage them to volunteer for communal programs. You should also guide them on choosing and retaining a supportive company.


After the drug rehab experience, it should be easy for the patient to return home and regain their usefulness. How you prepare for their arrival to a larger extent determines the relevance of the process. What you know about the reintegration process of an afflicted individual there becomes important.

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