How to port SIM number (MTN, GLO, 9mobile, & Airtel)

All Networks Glo, Mtn, 9mobile, Airtel Nigeria

A lot of people are not satisfied with their mobile network due to several reasons such as low data speed, bad network, high cost of data, high charges rate, and so on, hence the only option they are left with is to migrate to another network.

MNP which is an acronym for Mobile network portability has provided a way at which you can migrate to another network service provider while you retain your mobile number.

Porting Phone number requirements

Let’s proceed,

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To be able to port your phone number to another network, there are a few things you need to know

  1. Your existing phone number must be active for a minimum of 90 days
  2. When you port your phone number to another network, all outstanding bills should be cleared, you will also lose all credit balances, so you might want to exhaust your credit airtime and data balance and also you have no active plans before porting from one provider to the other
  3. You will need to make an available copy of a valid means of identification (ID card) usually a driver’s license, National ID Card, or International Passport

Once the criteria I have listed above is fulfilled, you can follow the procedure on how to port your phone number to other networks (Glo, MTN, 9mobile, Airtel)

Steps to Port from One Mobile Network to another in Nigeria

To be able to put up with this process, I made this post on how to port your phone number to another network just for you.

Step 1: Choose the network provider you wish to port your number to

Step 2: Visit the office of the service provider you want to port to.

Let’s say you are porting from Glo to MTN, you have to visit any MTN outlet or office around you.

Step 3: ensure you provide them with a copy of your ID card and explain what you wish to achieve

Step 4: You will be handed a special “porting form” to fill the details correctly.

Step 5: After you have filled and signed the form, send “PORT” to 3232

Step 6: You will receive a message indicating that your request is being processed.

Step 7: Another SMS indication that your request has been granted will be sent to you

Step 8: A new sim card will be given to you at the operator’s office.

Step 9: An SMS indicating that your new SIM has been activated will be sent to your old SIM.

Step 10: replace your old sim with the new one

N.B Your old sim card stops functioning the moment your new card is activated, so ensure you transfer your contact and message details from the old sim to the new sim.


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