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 Not sure if you should play aggressively or slowly with a pair of Aces? This article will guide you with necessary details on which you should focus on.

The best possible hand to start with in Texas Hold’em is AA (Pair of Aces). However, most players do not know exactly how to play with these hands and this where they make their first mistake.

Do not ever make the mistake of limping in early position, in order to avoid another re-raise from your opponents on the flop. Unless you hit the desired card in the flop, you will be forced to fold thus resulting in your loss.

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The strategy here is to first study your opponents card and act accordingly if they call.
HOW TO PLAY AA IN TEXAS HOLD’EM: How to Play Different Hands in the Pre-flop Phase?
In certain cases, if you are playing heads up against one opponent, you might want to know that you should bet more if he is an aggressive player, since you would not want to miss the opportunity of winning big with these kind of hands.

In a game of poker, if you are favored with pocket aces, remember not to get too attached to it unless you are hit with one more Ace. Although it is not certain that you will surely win a pair of Ace, majority of the time, the chances are very high. It also depends on how the players make use of his/her strategies and skills.

Although, a pair of Aces is a really strong hand for small tables, the situation is not the same for large tables, since, the more the players, the lesser is your win-rate.

Remember not to slow play with pocket Aces, because by doing so, you are only ruining your chances of winning big, unless you the other player to your right makes a huge raise.
If your opponent gets very aggressive with a big bet at the post-flop, it is very likely that they have been favored with an obvious flush or straight draw.

Hence, in such situations, you would want to do a favor by folding your hands to avoid losing all the chips in a single game.

As mentioned earlier, since AA is a very strong hand to begin with, the only way to win is by raising the bet especially when you are playing at lower stakes. Most players tend to forget that the players at lower stakes are really passive, which is why they will never raise or bet unnecessarily unless they are dealt with monster cards.

The probability of getting monster cards is very low, therefore, the only way to win more is by adding more chips in the middle.

It is always good to enter the pot with a raise when you have a pair of aces. Supposing that you raise and are re-raised by another player, you should raise again. By doing so, it will often force small drawing hands, such as suited connectors and small pairs to fold before the flop.

Your motive here with a pair of Aces is to play either heads-up, against only one opponent, or, at the most, against two opponents. Three or more opponents will greatly reduce your chances of winning a hand, even if you have the best starting hand.

Remember to take advantage of the play, the next time you are dealt with a pair of Aces, and most importantly, you should remember not to limp at the starting of the play since you might ruin your chances of winning Big pot by doing so.


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