How to Pay for Netflix in Nigeria

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The leading online streaming platform NETFLIX has launched her service in Nigeria for quite a while.

Currently, thousands, if not millions of Nigerians have already subscribed to the platform, Netflix is a platform of interest and top recommended for personal relaxation, for a few bucks you can get unlimited monthly access to the thousands of latest movies for as just $7.99 on the Netflix TV basic plan for mobile, Play Station and XBox devices.

When it comes to mobile streaming in Nigeria Netflix is quickly gaining momentum compared to DSTV and iROKO TV and startimes which serves more of Pay-TV users in the country.

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Another interesting consideration about Netflix is the cost-effective price point, even though it doesn’t sound very affordable for an average Nigerian it’s a very reasonable price point, especially for movie fans who don’t mind to give their last bucks to watch the latest movie seasons on the platform.

DSTV, GoTV, iROKO TV and Startimes have quickly find their way to many Nigerian homes owing to reason that they are cable TV, you just need to pay for a subscription then plug and play unlike Netflix streaming platform where you have a lot more to bother about than just the subscription fee, you need to also put into consideration the cost of data that will satisfy your cravings for movies. See how to cancel your Netflix subscription the right way if you need to.

Internet data still remains a big deal in Nigeria, however, there is a heated competition that is driving down the price of internet bundle in the country, but the fact remains that the cost of internet, especially considering the massive data bandwidth needed for leisure-streaming calls for a second thought to many Nigerians, and this can pose a big threat to NETFLIX penetration in Nigeria.

Hopefully, NETFLIX enters into some agreement with telecom providers in the country to incentivize the price data especially for streaming on the platform.

Cost of NETFLIX Cost in Nigeria in 2021

NETFLIX comes with 3 affordable monthly plans:

  • Basic for $7.99 (around 3040 naira
  • Standard for $8.99  (around 3420 naira)
  • Premium for $11.99 (around 4556 naira)

You can convert that to the current exchange rate, we used 380 in the above estimate.

Also note that High Definition streaming would quickly ZAP your data bundle as it requires more bandwidth to serve you crisp clear quality videos. If you are having a get together and watching movies make sure you get audio visual rental for better sound quality.

How to Pay for NETFLIX

Making your NETFLIX payment in Nigeria is not so far fetched, the platform makes it possible users to subscribe easily on the platform with their debit/credit card, if you have a master or visa card suitable for international payment from any of the commercial banks in Nigeria, you are just a few clicks away to make your NETFLIX payment, all you need to signup and follow the onscreen process.

As an alternative, you can as well pay for your NETFLIX subscription in Nigeria with PayPal account, Paypal connects to your local bank to deduct the appropriate amount from your account, this might be a better option than using your debit card if you want to have avoid surprises on you account as a result of automated recurring subscriptions.

NETFLIX allows you to have the first month free of charge after which you’re subsequently charged on a monthly basis based on the ideal plan you you selected.

How to Setup NETFLIX in Nigeria

The only thing you may want to worry about when it comes to setting up your NETFLIX account and streaming is slow internet connection, despite the fact Nigerians pay dearly for internet connectivity, it is still not fast, barely at 200kbps.

Most Internet Service Providers [ISP] boast a lot more in their marketing campaigns you will be shocked to find out the truth when you have subscribed, If eventually, you get it fast they find a way to throttle the speed of your internet connection on grounds of fair usage policy used as a clause when selling their unlimited bandwidth.

How much Data does NETFLIX Use?

However, here is an insight on the minimum internet speed ideal for streaming on the platform:

23.976 fps

Resolution Bitrate Hourly rate Conversion
480p [720×480] 1750 kbps ~792 MB hourly
720p [1280×720] 3000 kbps ~1.3 GB hourly
1080p [1920×1080] 4300-5800 kbps ~1.9 GB to ~2.55 GB hourly
1440p [2560×1440] 6350 kbps ~2.8 GB hourly
4K [3840×2160] 8000-16000 kbps ~3.5 GB to ~7 GB hourly

Source: []

How to Connect TV to NETFLIX in Nigeria

To have the best watch experience, It is good to connect your NETFLIX to your TV for quality sound and more enhanced fun. If you’re using the “High” setting, Netflix will stream to your TV at the highest resolution possible. But if you’ve got a 4 K TV, that’s a lot of data — up to 7GB / per hours.

You can easily connect your Smart TV to your Wi-Fi Modem these days with smart TVs all over the place, but if you don’t have a Smart TV, you can as well connect your TV to a laptop using HDMI Cable.

If you have a gaming console, for example, a Play Station or Nintendo, you can connect it to the internet and have your TV connected to your gaming console to stream from NETFLIX.

A simpler way to do this might be getting some cable enhancement to connect your mobile to your TV to stream live.

some NETFLIX Pros & Cons

As requested by some of our adult readers, we have updated the page to include some Pros and Cons of using one of the biggest movie streaming network.


  • Cheap to Use
  • Easy to live with
  • Premium Contents


  • Devalues TV and movie
  • Too many confusing choices
  • Geoblocking



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