How to pay for GOTV in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana


Have you been wondering how to pay for GOtv subscription? If you are a Nigerian, Kenyan or Ghanaian, then I have got you covered in this scintillating article about how you can pay for GOtv subscription easily.

Entertainment is an aspect of life that is indispensable. The entertainment industry gets our emotions rolling and our minds active through television shows and movies. GOtv is one of those who are poised to quench our thirst for relaxation and enjoyment.

According to Multichoice GOtv is a digital terrestrial television platform that is known for affordable entertainment it brings to customers. Due to its relative affordability, it has gained ground in many African homes. Nevertheless, how can customers in Nigeria, Kenya or Ghana pay for GOtv Subscription in order to enjoy all that GOtv offers?

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Now let us get down with the business. There are basically two forms in which you can make the GOtv subscription payment:

  • Online
  • Offline

Every method of subscription falls under either of the above forms. Now let us take each country and discuss the various methods of GOtv payment available in the country. In no special order, I shall begin with Nigeria, followed by Kenya and then Ghana.


In Nigeria, you can pay for GOtv offline by visiting any Multichoice Africa branch closest to you to do your subscriptions.

To pay online, you have the option to choose from the pool of different payment methods. How convenient it is for you is what matters.


  • Make sure your decoder is switched on if your account is already disconnected
  • Enter and select the bouquet of your choice.
  • Fill in your e-mail address IUC number and phone number
  • Click the NEXT button to move to the next page
  • Fill in the subscriber’s name and confirm is the IUC number is correct.
  • Click PAY button and select the type of debit card you have (Interswitch, Verve or MasterCard).
  • Enter your debit card information and pay.


  • Login to you GOtv account via Select the Paga e-Pay option from the list of payment methods that are listed. Follow the instruction there duly and you are good to go.


Here you can pay directly from your bank account. You can pay in the offline mode using a USSD code. Dial 3899*smartcardnumber#. Follow the prompts duly.

You can also pay online via eTranzact on the GOtv website.

  • From the page, select the country, in this case Nigeria.
  • Input your smartcard number and click the VERIFY button.
  • Now click the VIEW BALANCE AND PAY button
  • Click on PAY button to move to the page from where you will select which method you want
  • Select eTranzact as the payment option and proceed to select your BankIT
  • Put in your account number and the preferred bank
  • Submit the details of the 6-digits code that you will be asked to generate after imputing your bank details.
  • Now dial *389*00# with the phone number linked to your account in order to receive an OTP
  • Type in the OTP in the space provided
  • Click the PAY button.


Go to and enter your mobile number and your Eazy Money PIN. This method is only available to those who have Eazy Money Wallet. You can register for GOtv Eazy Money at any Zenith Bank in Nigeria.


To make you GOtv payment using GlobalPAY, simply login to your GOtv account and click on the PAY button. Choose the GlobalPAY option and follow the field instructions to easily make your payment.


Just like the above, login to your account and click the PAY button. Select the PayU payment option to be redirected to PayU page from where you will now make your payment using the debit card.

You can also pay with banks like Stanbic Bank, Zenith Bank and FCMB. FCMB receive teller payments. Visit any FCMB branch and request that you want to make GOtv payment.

If you are a Stanbic IBTC banker, simply dial *909# on your mobile phone and select ‘4’ to make your payment. The Zenith Bank option has already been pointed out above in the Eazy Money method.


To pay for GOtv subscription as a Kenyan, you can choose from either of the above methods of payment.

You can always pay offline by going to the GOtv Africa branch closest to you to make your payment/subscription. You can choose to pay online through either method described below:


You can pay with MPESA by going to the Safaricom menu. Select the ‘MPESA’ option. Your decoder must be on before you proceed with this method.

  • Input the GOtv Business number: 423655
  • Input the GOtv Basket ID
  • Enter the amount you want to subscribe with and click ‘OK’
  • You will receive a message saying that your message has been sent, then click ‘OK’
  • An SMS will be sent to you in confirmation of your payment.


To pay with PesaPal, login to your account and click the PAY button. Various payment gateways will be presented to you, from which you will now choose the PesaPal option. Follow the instructions duly and easily make your payment.


You can now pay with your credit card. Login to your GOtv account and click the PAY button. Select the Credit Card Powered by Silicon option from the list of payment gateways you will be shown. Simply follow the instructions and you are done.


You can pay for GOtv subscription through the following banks:

  • Diamond Trust Bank
  • Faulu Bank
  • Guaranty Trust Bank
  • I&M Bank
  • Jamii Bora Bank
  • Rafiki Bank
  • NIC Bank

If you bank with any of these banks, login to your Mobile Banking App and select the Pay Utilities option. Select GOtv and input your IUC number. Input the amount you want to pay and off you go.

You can also pay via the KCB Bank using either the mobile banking app or through USSD code.

  • Dial the *522# on your mobile phone and select the PAY BILL option.
  • Select GOtv and enter your customer number in Bill Account No.
  • Enter the amount you want to pay and submit.

To pay via CBA Bank, you either use the mobile banking app or follow the USSD code method. Using USSD:

  • Dial *654# on your mobile phone
  • Put in your pin
  • Enter ‘9’ to select the bill payment option
  • The select the GOtv option and then follow the rest of the on-screen prompts


While in Ghana you can subscribe for GOtv by visiting any of the GOtv Africa branch closest to you or at any Multichoice Africa branch. You also have the option of making the payment via the online methods.


The e-tranzact option is also available for those in Ghana. Go to the page and click the ‘PAY DStv/GOtv’ on top of the main menu.

On the page you will be redirected to, click the ‘GOtv option and follow the instructions to successfully make your payment.


Obviously this is only available to only those who are registered on the Mobile Money program.

  • Login to your GOtv account and select the Mobile Money option from the menu
  • Select the Pay Bill option; enter your IUC number
  • Put in the month you are subscribing for. Eg January Bill
  • Enter the amount and you Mobile Money secret code. It is the four digit number you used to open the Mobile Money account.


To use this option, you have to register with Tigo Cash and add money to the account created.

If that is done:

  • Dial *501# on your mobile phone and input ‘3’ to select the Pay Bill option
  • Under category, choose Utility
  • Select the GOtv option
  • Now enter your account number as reference number
  • Confirm your payment by imputing your 4-digit transaction PIN


This method is available for all Airtel subscribers because every Airtel SIM Card has Money, but you must activate it in order to use it.

  • First, go to Airtel Money
  • Choose change PIN when you have clicked the ‘Go to my account’
  • Enter the default PIN: 071234
  • Enter your new PIN of choice and submit. Now your Airtel Money is activated.
  • Now select the Airtel Money icon and select the Pay Bill
  • Type in GOtv
  • Type the amount with which you wish to subscribe in Ghana and then in cedi
  • Enter your PIN and your decoder IUC number.
  • You are good to go after you have received a payment confirmation message.

You can also pay at any Ecobank nearest to you or with ExpressPay App. You could also visit SlydePay at to use that option.

Concluding, I am privileged to have brought you this information. I believe you enjoyed it. If you did enjoy it, share with your friends and tell us how you feel about it in the comment box. If you didn’t however, you could also help us improve by pointing out what you think we should include next time. Thank you for coming by. I’ll be glad to see you again.


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