The MTN Share and Sell offer is the fastest way to transfer your airtime to your family, friends and other users on the MTN network.

If you feel the urgent need to share airtime fast to another MTN user, the Share and Sell option provides you with a more reliable and convenient way of doing it. Apart from this, you can use this method to sell your airtime on your mobile phone to another MTN customer.

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In the next lines below, you will uncover the MTN share and sell feature and be able to activate it on your own MTN number and also send credit (airtime) to any MTN user.

MTN Share and Sell

The MTN Share ‘N’ Sell is a feature which gives you the freedom to send the credit in your airtime balance to your friends, relatives, family members or anyone who uses an MTN line. If any of your close associates run down on airtime, you can use this option to quickly top up their airtime balance.

How To Migrate to MTN Share & Sell

The MTN Share and Sell isn’t a tariff plan, therefore, there is no migration code for you to get on the package. However, you can activate this option on our phone and transfer airtime seamlessly to MTN subscribers.

There are two ways you can register for the Share ‘n” Sell offer. They are:

  • You can do it through SMS format by sending ‘Default PIN New PIN New PIN to 777. The default PIN for all MTN subscribers is ‘0000’. For instance, if your PIN for transfer is 0929, you will send in this format: ‘0000 0929 0929’ to 777.
  • The second way of activating this feature is by dialling the code. Dial *600*Default PIN*New PIN*New PIN# on your smartphone. For instance, if your PIN is registered as 0929, you will dial in this format: *6000*0000*0929*0929#.

Once you have registered successfully, you then transfer your airtime. There are two ways to send your airtime in your MTN line. They are:

  • Through SMS format. Here, You’re required to only enter ‘Transfer, Recipient’s number, Amount, Transfer PIN’ to 777. For instance, if you want to send an airtime of N700, send ’Transfer 09032238757 700 0929’ to 777. After sending, you will receive a message to confirm the transfer. To confirm, send ‘YES’ to 777.
  • You can also send by dialling this code: *600*Recipient’s number*Amount*Transfer PIN#. For example, if you want to send N500 from your phone, just dial *600*09032238757*500*0929# and send. After this is done, you will get an SMS informing you of the successful completion of the transfer.

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