If you are planning to immigrate from Nigeria to Canada, this how much you will really need.  The information piece I am about to share with you is already in the public domain.

But I had to do a kind of research and break it down for you guys on my website for some of you guys already planning to migrate to Canada Soon.

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This guide will help you to find out How much is Canada visa fee in Nigeria currently.

If you take time to do some research, you don’t need the help of any travel agents or somebody like a family member in Canada to migrate to Canada from Nigeria.

It is quite understandable that a lot of Nigerians are clueless about ways to source for information on travel and visa related matters, and that has landed them in the hands of many scammers who have taken away their hard-earned funds.

In this guide, you will be properly informed on how much you are required to have as you plan on relocating to Canada from Nigeria.

Please understand that if you want to come to Canada you have to be prepared for it in all ramifications both financially and information-wise.

I want to share with you a kind of break down of how much you need to have for your immigration process.

You can’t just wake up one morning and start packing for Canada without first following due processes. The bottom line is you must have strong finances, how much is what you will learn in the next few lines below.

One of the easiest ways Nigerians migrate to Canada and get their permanent residence permit is through Express entry.

Before you can start your Canada express entry process, there are some things you need to out in place.

Credential Evaluation & assessment

You need to first do your credential assessment. For this you can use WES, you canas well use IQAS, ICAS, or CEC, University of Toronto, etc.

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So, let’s start with evaluating your credential, you might be spending around $220, For WES it is $220 and IQAS is $200, but take note that this fee does not include shipping cost of your evaluation which can be running to extra $27 to $70 depending if you are using an ordinary courier or registered mail like DHL, FedEx, etc.

Transcript Processing

More like it is the processing of your transcript. The processing of your transcript depends on the university you graduated from, their different prices when it comes to Nigerian universities.

What is obtainable at the University of Lagos, is quite different the price for transcript a the university of Port Harcourt, so also prices of private universities too can vary from school to school.

But in regards to this, I will like to stick to an average price of required to process transcript which is around #70,000 naira (give or take).

Sitting for IELTS Exam

The next one is IELTS. When moving to Canada under express entry you need IELTS, there is one for Australia organized by IDP and there is one organized by the British Council.

The one for British Council is #75,000 and then one for Australians is about #68,000.

I have seen several people waste a lot of funds trying to write and get good grades in IELTS, have seen some who have to write if, for about 5 times, you manage this well, by first getting a lot of preparation material before proceeding to register for your IELTS.

How much is Canda Visa Fee in Nigeria?

The British Council on their website will send to anyone interested materials needed to prepare for IELTS free, while you should not rely on this as your final document, you need to as well source for other enriched resources that help you to fully prepare to get good grades in one sitting for your IELTS to cut down on your immigration cost.

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Canada Proof of Funds 2021

Number of
family members
Funds required
(in Canadian dollars)
For each additional family member$3,414

Source: canada.ca

Once you have secured all documents above, it is time to now create your express entry profile, but wait! You need one more thing: the proof of funds.

Many people make this mistake, they go ahead and create their profile and thereafter start to look for money to put in their account, unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

  • The proof of fund should already be in your account before you get your IELTS.

I had to repost this a number of times so you guys can know it is really a serious matter.

How is the proof of funds calculated?

Your proof of funds depends on the number of family members you have. The more family members the higher the proof of funds.

For a family of one, by that, I mean for one single person the proof of fund ins $12,669 which translate to #3,456,240.

This literally means for one person who wants to come to Canada under the express entry the above proof of funds is expected to be in your account.

For a family of two (husband and wife)who wants to migrate to Canada from Nigeria, you need to have $15,772 which translates to around #4.4 million.

For a family of three (husband and wife and one child), who wants to move to Canada from Nigeria, you need to have $19,390

For a family of four (husband and wife and two kids) who wants to move to Canada from Nigeria, you to have $23,543

For a family of five (husband, wife and three kids) who wants to move to Canada from Nigeria, you need to have $26,701

FAQ about proof of fund

Is it liquid cash?

Yes, It has to be liquid cash

Can it be borrowed?

All I can say is, it must be in your account and must be expendable.

What will use the money for?

You are just coming to Canada. Although you have a permanent residence you don’t have a job yet, even if you do, you need some funds to settle yourself, get accommodation for yourself and dependants if you have one.

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Can I use my pension statement to add to my proof of funds?

Well, I can’t really say if that is still acceptable by IRCC policies! But I though it will be safer to make your funds available in liquid cash.

So be sure that the funds are already in your account before you click on the submit button on the express entry profile registration page.

Above there, is a break down of what is actually required to process you’d immigration from Nigeria to Canada. A lot of people don’t have a clue how much it requires.

How Much Is Canada Visa Fee Application in Nigeria?

After your express entry application and you have now gotten your invitation to apply, you will be required to pay the Canadian application fee which is about $550 per person.

Once your application goes through and you have gotten your permanent residency letter to come to Canada you will now pay another $490 per adult. If you are going with your wife it means you’re paying $1040 each meaning both of you couples will pay $2080.

For each dependant child, the application fee is $150 plus more per dependant child. It used to be free, but the government of Canada has not attached a fee which is $150 per dependent child.

Please be informed that you are only required to pay the fund when your application is successful, not prior to applying.

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