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Jumia is a very popular e-commerce site in Africa which means they will be earning a lot of cash.

What you will learn

  • What is affiliate marketing
  • How can to earn from Jumia
  • Jumia commission models
  • How to promote and maximize your profit

Did you know you can also share in their cash without selling any of your stuff? This method is called affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate method is a method of making money by indirectly selling other people’s products/services. You earn a commission for every sale you make.

How to earn from JumiaJumia affiliate program is the best for Nigerians especially teenagers with active social media accounts. You can ean as much as 12% commission on every sale you make (depending on the product). Imaging you promote an offer of N42,000 e.g Tecno CX, since the commission for smartphones is 5%, you eanr N2100 on every sale you make. Here is a view on Jumia’s commission model.

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Automotive & Motorcycles3%
Beauty & Perfumes7%
Books & Stationery10%
Boy’s Fashion12%
Cameras & Accessories3%
Events & Tickets4%
Games & Consoles4%
Girl’s Fashion10%
Grocer’s Shop7%
Kids and Baby5%
Men’s Accessories10%
Men’s Clothing9%
Men’s Shoes10%
Sport & Fitness3%
Tablets & Accessories3%
Tvs, Audio and Video3%
Unisex’s Accessories10%
Women’s Accessories9%
Women’s Clothing8%
Women’s Shoes8%
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With this, you should know the best products to promote. If you are a fashion freek with a lot of connection with other fashionistas, then you will surely make money from Jumia. All you need is aSmartphone/PC, social media account, email and a blog (optional).

Getting started

Firstly, you need to sign up on Jumia affiliate here. Your application might be reviewed so you have to wait for at least 12 hours to confirm your application from your email. There us a 95% chance you will be approved.

After your application has been approved, you need to sign in and start promoting. Sign into your account> tools> banners> advertiser offer> Select the country you want> Select the product e.g smartphone> Select the banner type you like> Insert your SUB ID e.g name, nomba etc (this helps to easily track down all your sales). Click ‘ad URL’ on the right hand side, that’s the link you have generated for yourself. You will earn commission from anyone who buys through that link within 30 days. If you have a blog, use the banner code and paste your code on your blog. Contact if you need a blog like this.

How to earn by promoting one product

Go to jumia(not your affiliate account). Select a product you would love to promote, copy the URL of that product and go back to your affiliate account. Click ‘tools’>advertising offer> Link Builder> Paste your URL that you copied from jumia> insert your SUB ID> then copy the generated link. If you are using opera mini, you might need to reload the page before your generated link can appear. After copying either from link builder or Ad URL, you can now shorten with bitly.]. Paste your link on bitlyand shorten it. After shortening, you have to start promoting your link.

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This is where your social media accounts, email and blog comes in handy. You have to post on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, forums, blogs etc.

To Promote On FB
You can promote your link on FB by commenting your link on other posts e.g “Get iPhone 5c for N38110 here” Post your link after the text and share aggressively. You can also try to join as many groups as you can especially buying and selling groups. Click here to join. After joining, post and comment on posts. You can also create a post specifically for that product and ask friends to share with their friends. Use messenger too to send direct messages. 

To Promote On Twitter
Promoting on twitter is way easier than Facebook. All you have to do is create a tweet with you link with the hash tag jumia (#Jumia) and post. You can also retweet a celebrity’s post and add your link. Make sure to follow as many people as you can.

To Promote On Forums
You need a forum with active users like nairaland. Create a nairaland account, visit any forum of your choice, most preferably technology market, job/vacancies, business and webmasters. Comment on other topics and post your links. Note: Do not post your link directly, you might be at risk of being banned. Post your link like ‘yourlink dot com’ and ask them to make changes. Trust me, they will make the changes and visit as long as you give them an attention catching reason. Also create your own topic with an eye catching title e.g if you are promoting black friday deals, your topic shpuld be like “Best cheapest black Friday Products you can afford ASAP”. Type a little message and post your lino in the format I mentioned above and kindly ask them to make changes. You should get at least 200 views for that and at least 10 people should order.

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