TikTok, is a trending application for creating short videos, it has grown enough to become a popular platform to make money online.

But how can you make money from Tiktok?

From the recent news report from Businessinsider.com it says that influencer are looking for ways to make money from Tiktok

How to make money on Tiktok app

Tiktok is just like every other social media platform (like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) that doesn’t have an income program for its user’s. It is a free app, it has likely features of Instagram, Likee and Twitter. TikTok, with over 500 Million monthly users has surpassed the total download records of Instagram in the first half of its release.

According to Wikipedia, Tiktok was the most downloaded app in the U.S in october 2018, the first chinese app to achieve this.

Following this trends the major way to make money from Tiktok is through influencer marketing. Through this, people who can influence others can earn money on tiktok by simply using their TikTok account to promote, advertise Businesses, brands or their personal service.

However, before you can successfully make money off Tiktok app as an influencer you must have grown your following, your views and have a target audience.

So, before we go into how to make money on Tiktok app, let look at how you can grow your follower base.

Your motto of making money from TikTok account should be increasing followers as many as possible.

8 tips to grow your followers on Tiktok app

How to make money on Tiktok app

Well before you can earn money from Tiktok you must have a good following, Here are some great tips to grow your following on Tiktok.

  • Select your niche
  • Round up your bio correctly
  • Make post for your targeted audience
  • Post regularly
  • Post only high quality videos
  • Use relevant hash tags
  • Connect with your followers
  • Consistency

Select your niche

Before you can start earning on Tiktok, you have to pick a niche of which your videos will be targeted on. The most ideal approach to locate an appropriate niche for yourselves is to take a gander at the things which intrigue you the most or the things in which you are great at.

For instance, in the event that you are a fashionista and love to remain refreshed with the most stylish trend patterns, at that point you create a Tiktok account on which you can normally share short video on design patterns, styles, tips and deceives with your crowd.

Round out your BIO correctly

Your profile is the primary spot where your potential followers get the information about you. So you have to make sure you fill your bio correctly. You can choose to list the services you offer in your bio, just make sure it is within the limit range of 80 characters.

Make post for your target audience

Before you start posting videos, make sure to provided answers to these questions:

  • What individuals like the most in your niche?
  • Which video is going to get their attention most?
  • Which harshtag will be the best to trigger more engagement on you video?

Discovering answers to questions referenced above will assist you with creating focused on posts which will bring in heaps of genuine followers to your record.

Post regularly

To increase your Tiktok followers with ace you should post at least one video for every day. Your activeness is linked towards how popular you will become on the long run and how much money you will make from Tiktok app.

Utilize only high-quality videos

Your Tiktok profile ought to be a brand, in the off chance that you truly need to make money from Tiktok. So ensure you are posting just top notch videos with best impacts. There’s no reason for posting low-quality pictures as they all diminishing your profile worth.

High quality videos assemble a dependable visual impression into the brains of your supporters, they additionally help to get the eyes of the numerous easy going programs who will simply find you simply because your excellent videos get their attention, in the end expanding your following.

Utilize relevant hashtags

Hashtags is the most prevailing element of Tiktok, whenever utilized cunningly they’ll assist your posts with reaching a large number of individuals who may be keen on your profile.

Recently, itel, an entry-level mobile phone brand from TRANSSION Holdings, initiated a social media campaign on TikTok, clocking over 2 billion views in just three days. All users had to do was to upload TikTok videos performing on a song specially composed for itel using relevant tags. Itel is not alone.

Do some exploration and locate the best hashtags inside your niche and ensure you are incorporating them in each and every post.

Connect with your followers

You have to collaborate with your followers to build trust, and authority get a knowledge into their issues, needs, also, desires with the goal that you can utilize this information to acquire increasingly important substance for them.


The growth hack in this tips only apply if you are posting regularly and consistently. A following isn’t built overnight. It’s built with months and months of consistency.

The more followers you have, the more followers you will gain everyday. That also means things take longer when you’re starting out.

To see your work pay off stay patience, stay consistent, stay focus, and think long term. This is the biggest key to success

Now, that you have fully discovered how to grow your following on Tiktok let move to the next phase which is how to make money from Tiktok app

8 ways Influencer’s can make money on Tiktok app

mitrobe home of entrepreneurs

Here are some great way to make money from Tiktok app

  • Brand promotion and sponsorship
  • Directing traffic to other monetized channel
  • Hashtag challenge
  • Merchandise
  • Earn money by live streaming
  • Shout outs
  • Pitching to companies
  • Reviews

Brand sponsorships and promotions

If you have an Active Tiktok account with a huge following base, you can earn revenues on Tiktok by using your account to promote brands. The key factor requirement before brands can approach you is your niche, following and activeness. if you are an influencer, you can hook up with sponsors, who will pay you to promote their product or company on tiktok.

Directing traffic to other monetized channels

Tiktok has over 500 million users monthly, and according to Global web index, 41 percent Tiktok users are between the age range of 16 – 24. So for creators, they can use Tiktok to direct traffic/audience to other ad monetized platforms including YouTube and Instagram to increase their ad revenues.

  • To add your YouTube channel, you need to navigate yourself to the Profile tab on TikTok, tap Edit Profile and then tap Add YouTube option.
  • To add your Instagram account, you can tap Add Instagram under Edit Profile option.

Hash tag challenge

According to Honey Singh, CEO (PR & Content Marketing), #ARM Worldwide explains, “Brands are paying content creators for direct branded content or participating in hashtag challenges. .


Influencers on Tiktok with good fan base can make money through Merchandise. They use the influence of their Tiktok account to push traffics in commodities for profit. Also, by advertising their personal services or product.

Earn noney on tiktok by live streaming

Most talented Tiktok Influencers can also make money from Tiktok through live streaming with the help of live.ly. However, the money made through live.ly is shared

  • Apple iTunes get a 30% share and
  • Tiktok takes 20% more

According to Lauren Godwin ( Most notable on the web as a TikTok content creator, she has over 17 million fans on the app, where her username is laurengodwin.) She said that her discovery that those going on live streaming on live.ly can earn up to $46,000 per month based on their performance.


How to earn money on Tiktok live streaming

“Using the LIVE.LY app is also helpful in generating more revenues, as you can live-stream directly to your Tik Tok audience. Live streaming allows the audience to share small tips in the form of donations, which is a great way to earn even for budding creators. In addition, TikTok had also launched link-sharing via your bio and through posts, helping users reach out to more audiences and make more lucrative deals with brands..


Shout-out is just like creating and awareness for a new innovation or company. So a Tiktok Influencer can make money just by posting a short video about a company or brand. Just as in the case of Twitter where people get paid to Tweet.

Pitching to Companies

Tiktok users with huge following up to 30, 000 to millions or followers can send a pitch to brands or company that are in the same niche for branding or sponsorship.

You must not wait for brands to hit you up, if you have good following you can reach out to brands, they will always welcome your pitch as they’re always focus to get their product or service to reach a larger audience.


You can also make money from Tiktok by reviewing brands product or service, new innovation, new application or others.. By simply creating a short testimonial video or a step by guide on how to go about it.


How many likes on tiktok to get paid

There is no specified number of followers or likes you should have before brands can approach you. However, the more followers you have, the more power you possess towards negotiating and visibility.

While you can’t put a number on minimum followers, brands usually show interest in key influencers above a million followers and micro-influencers above 30,000 followers as per the campaigns we have seen take place.

In addition Zafar Rais, CEO, Mindshift Interactive explains that brands look for creators who complement their brand’s value and personality.

How many followers to make money on tiktok

However, having a huge follower base doesn’t promise sponsorships. An increasing number of companies also consider the target audience the influencers are catering to.

Brands are getting conscious about reaching out to the right target audience instead of approaching a bigger audience, that is, a focus on justified return on investment.

Similarly, top creators and influencers are paid by the brands to participate in the hashtag challenges running on TikTok.

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