The idea of displaying self-created photos online might not seem any cool to you. But if you find out how you can greatly monetize this idea, chances are that you’ll want to tap into the idea.

Frankly, there are tons of online platforms that let photographers make money from selling their photos. Sadly however, not all of these platforms can guarantee excellent benefits in terms of commission rates, licensing terms and conditions for photo approval.

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Ranging from social media platforms down to arts marketplaces and stock photo websites, places where you can sell your photos abound. Therefore, you can be sure of finding the stock photo site that fits into your expectations.

To help you in your search for the best place for selling your photos, we have come up with the top 10 sites that let you make money from selling your photos online.

All of these sites do have their perks and downsides and so, you should do well to weigh the good sides and the bad sides of any site you’re opting for.

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Shutterstock is highly acclaimed not only as the biggest micro stock platform out there but also as the photo site that readily comes to the minds of most photographers.

Interestingly, some of the perks about Shutterstock are its early approval (for submitted images) and its fast submission times. Precisely, Shutterstock uses a streamlined approval process which ensures your submitted photos get approved of in 2 days’ time.

Perhaps, another great thing you’d want to know about Shutterstock is its average pay of $0.25 for every image you sell on the platform.

2.iStock Photo

This is a non-exclusive stock image site with a huge customer base. If you’re an avid user of Getty Images, it should interest you that iStock Photo is an offshoot of Getty Images.

Getty Images is a pretty stock image website but if you really frown upon its exclusive licensing, iStock Photo is likely a nice alternative for you. If you’ll ever have to choose iStock Photo over Getty Images, you should note that it doesn’t offer earning potential as great as Getty’s.

Also, iStock’s photo approval process implies a number of criteria which every photo must fulfill before getting approved of. While iStock offers a fixed commission of 15% rate on its non-exclusive photos, it’s advisable that you integrate the stock photo site with a couple of other non-exclusive options. This way, you’ll likely make success with iStock Photo.


3.Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock does have a fastidious photo approval process but this shouldn’t be a red flag considering that your photo sale on the platform can earn you any amount ranging between $0.20 and $3.33.

Adobe Stock was launched in 2015, making it a somewhat new micro stock platform. Prettily, Adobe Stock allows you to submit photos right from your photo editing app and this, frankly, is because the website integrates very well with photo apps.

Undeniably, Adobe Stock happens to have come with a strict approval process for submitted photos. Nevertheless, the website’s enticing benefits (including its non-exclusive licensing) are a match for any photographer’s taste.


If you prioritize making money through selling your amazing photos online, you may want to consider a macro stock photo platform such as Alamy.

Notably, Alamy avails you the privilege of selling both exclusive and non-exclusive images. Besides having a huge customer base (100,000+ customers), Alamy does offer some of the prettiest commission rates you can find among stock photo platforms.

While Alamy clearly maintains a fastidious selection process for submitted photos, you’re still pretty sure of getting quick approval for your photos. Essentially, Alamy offers an excellent pay rate in the tunes of 40% commission for non-exclusive photos and 50% commission for exclusive photos.


500px is a versatile stock photo website generously suitable for both online photo sale and the display of photography skill.

If you’re keen on showcasing your photography dexterity, you should be ready to join the photography community on 500px. Notably, 500px accepts both exclusive and non-exclusive images but charges different commissions on them.

There’s a 30% commission on every non-exclusive photo while the exclusive photos (submitted to the site) each attract a 60% commission. This, obviously, points to the fact that you’ll likely make cool money selling your excellent photos on 500px.

6.Getty Images

If you’re well conversant with stock photo websites, it may not surprise you that Getty Images is the numero uno of the stock photo industry. Getty’s impressive status, on one hand, relies on the website’s huge clientele and on the other hand, it is credited to the site’s incredibly excellent images.

Getty Images is generously admired and tons of its images can be found in major news articles. Some of the positive sides of Getty Images include the fair 20% commission (per photo sale) and its relatively flexible photo approval process.

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One major con you might not want to hear about Getty Images, however, is its strict licensing which implies that no photos uploaded to Getty Images can be sold on other platforms.


Have you got exceptional photos you’re willing to sell? Would you like to make pretty money selling your mouth-widening photos?

Well, Stocksy is likely a nice match for you provided that you have a positive answer to the questions above. Needless to say, Stocksy is one of the most fastidious stock photo sites out there. This is to say that you’re likely to get accepted by Stocksy only if you have some of the most exceptional photos out there.

Unlike most other stock sites, Stocksy maintains a periodical application process, meaning that you can only join the website when its application process is running.

Besides the periodical application process, one more thing you may not like about Stocksy is the site’s strict application approval criteria. Interestingly however, Stocksy guarantees a 50% royalty-free pay as well as a 75% pay for extended licensing.


If you’re looking to submit your excellent photos for sale without bearing any submission fees, CanStockPhoto is likely a good fit for you. The pay rate of this website (for every image sale) ranges from 40%.

Some of the things that should excite you about CanStockPhoto is the absence of monthly costs, the website’s simple photography platform and its blossoming range of active members.

One doesn’t need to stress that a 40% pay rate is an excellent offer in the stock photo industry. However, one thing that might irk you about CanStockPhoto is that you must have earned well over $50 before you can make a withdrawal.

Unlike certain other stock photo websites, CanStockPhoto avails you the privilege of photo ownership retention. This means after selling a photo on the website, you can still redistribute the photo freely.

Importantly, an application (along with the submission of three photos) is necessary for this website’s approval process.


Looking for a stock site that sells your excellent photos across 40+ countries?

Well, it isn’t any surprise that 123rf fits into the above expectation. Thanks to the site’s huge clientele comprising over 5 million people.

123rf is associated with varying commission rates but most importantly, photographers are guaranteed high commission rates between 30% and 60%.

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Customers on 123rf are charged higher prices for single images but customers using subscription plans are guaranteed less expensive image prices.

Notably, 123rf adopts a credit system which requires its clientele to buy credits needed for photo purchase.

Some of the perks about 123rf are the site’s quick approval process and its non-exclusive licensing. By this mode of licensing, a photographer on 123rf maintains the right to retain his sold photo and redistribute it to other platforms.


This is really another exciting micro stock platform for skilled photographers to make money from selling their works.

One thing that should attract photographers to CreStock is its huge customer base, an opportunity for photographers to get quick downloads for their works.

CreStock is sadly known for prolonged approval periods simply because the website is overwhelmed with photos. The site claims its backlog of images can cause approval (for newly submitted photos) to be delayed for months.

Users of CreStock are guaranteed non-exclusive licensing for their photos and the pay rate per image sale (through a single download) ranges between 20% and 40% of the image price. But for image sale coming through subscription downloads, the pay rate is pegged between $0.25 and $0.40.

Earnings on CreStock may not appear great enough but by integrating the website with other pretty stock websites, you’ll likely boost your chances of making money.

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying that all of the 10 stock image sites above are great for making money with your excellent photos. But if you must make great success with the idea of selling photos online, you should zero in attention on profitable photo niches, combine a number of stock image sites and always submit high-resolution and photos.

We strongly believe that reading this post has availed you an awareness of the best sites for selling your stock photos online. If you’re a talented photographer looking to monetize his talent without any hassle, selling your photos online could be your best bet.

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