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Now, to the main business and purpose of this article. I want to tell you how you can make your own shoe polish and make good profitout of it.
Shoe Polish is an essential household need in every home. Due to its high demand, the available products in the market can’t meet the need of every final consumer out there. So production of this product will help supplement the imported ones.

For every product, there are things you need to bring together, mix together and package before you can call it a product. Hence, here are what we need to produce our own polish.


The raw materials are as stated below:
  • Paraffin wax (Note that paraffin wax is always in tablet form. Add little quantity)
  • Paraffin Oil. (There are different oil in the market. The oil here referred to is a chemical used for production. It looks like groundnut oil but the scent is very different.)
  • Dye Stuff (Oil soluble): – This is the colour you will add to your polish and it depends on your choice. Make sure you tell them you want to buy dye and not colour. Note: The dye is in powdered form but it must be oil soluble. This means that you buy the dye that will  dissolve in oil (paraffin oil) and not water.
  • Packaging materials (storage containers).
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  1. A pot
  2. A stove
  3. A mixer (spoon or a straight clean stick)


Light your stove and place the pot on it. Let it get hot and then put the paraffin wax in the pot. Melt it completely and then add the paraffin oil to it and stir it very well. Add your desired colour of dye to it and mix together properly. Pour the mixture into the storage container you have prepared and allow it to cool. With that you are done. your product is ready for use/sale.
Please note:
  1. During the production process, take little of the mixture of paraffin wax and paraffin oil before adding your dye in a small container. Let it cool and check the texture. If it is too hard or strong as it were, add paraffin oil and if it is too soft, add little paraffin until you get your desired texture.
  2. The storage container should be the one you will use for selling your product. If you pour the mixture into a different container with the intention of packaging it later for sale, it will not have a smooth surface because the mixture when it’s cool will take the shape of the container.

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