Have you ever thought of making your own fruit soap? It’s time to learn, in today’s topic you are going to learn how to make fruit soap, its not really difficult all you have to do is to follow the instructions.

In making a fruit soap you have to choose your favourite fruits or make a choice of fruits you’re going to use in the production of the fruit soap.

You can just choose a single fruit in making the fruit soap, it dosnt necessarily mean you have to choose multiple fruit, but to make the fruit soap very rich in vitamins and nutrients I will advice you  to include multiple fruits.

If you have not actually used a fruit soap before, then you are really missing a lot, fruit soaps are rich in vitamins because it’s naturally made, it gives you that nice radiant and youthful glow and tone to your skin.

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Like I said earlier you can use your favourite fruit/fruits

Below I’m going show you how to make a fruit soap

This are the fruits I use
Preservatives (Recommended: Optiphen or Optiphen plus)

2 fruits of ripe Guava
Half slice of papaya
1 fruit of a ripe avocado
2 matured carrot fruits
Half slice pumpkin (optional)
1 ripe banana

Preservatives 3 tablespoons.

1. Get your favourite soap about 2-3 Of it.

2. Now cut the soap into pieces and melt it down using a microwave or you can simple pour  in hot water to the soap you piececed
This is to melt down the soap to liquid form.

3. Now from the measurement of the fruits I gave above grind/blend this fruits to form a paste (puree) and to achieve a smooth pastry paste.

4. Then quickly pour this blended fruits to the soap base you earlier melted and stir thoroughly for  20-25 minutes

5. Quickly pour the mixture to a soap molder to give the soap a shape, then allow the mixture to cool down.

6. Add your preservatives

My best recommended preservative is

Optiphen Or Optiphen Plus (contains phenoxyethanol combined with others for broad spectrum protection) add 3 Tablepoons

7. When the mixture eventually cools down it will turn solid.

Congratulations your fruit soap is ready for use 





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  1. Thanks for the info,God bless you.
    But did’nt you make use of any preservative because the soap can quickly get rancid due to the moisture content of the fresh fruits.
    And also name or suggest a preservative if you didnt.

  2. Hello Fatimat

    Yes preservatives should be added!! I recommend Optiphen Or Optiphen Plus (contains phenoxyethanol combined with others for broad spectrum protection)

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