If you have been a fan of zigihow, you would know that zigihow is all about DIY (do it yourself). Here in zigihow we do our very best to teach by putting in writting how to do things yourself from the comfort of your home. In this very article, I’m going to detail out how to make 13 different DIY homemade soaps. Each of these soaps serves their purpose.

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These DIY homemade soaps are made either for skin lightening, glowing, and for laundry purpose, crafted from scratch with natural ingredients and addictives.

Without much ado, let’s take a look at how to make 13 different DIY homemade soaps.

1 How To Formulate A DIY Skin Lightening African Black Soap.

Have you actually had this idea of converting your african black soap to a lightening black soap? If no, then it really worth learning. You can convert your african black soap to a skin lightening black soap, by adding lightening ingredients to it. Trust me, It’s pretty easy.

Ordinarily an African black soap doesn’t lighten the skin, rather it exfoliates and cleanses the skin pores, getting rid of impurities in the skin pores. African black soap also gets rid of acne(pimples) which appears on the surface of the skin. It dries them up in no distant time.

So, converting your African black soap to a lightening black soap makes it a multi-purpose soap, (Lightening + Exfoliating soap).

You can read how to formulate a DIY skin lightening african black soap.

Note: African blacks soaps tends to dry out the skin, you really need a use alongside a good moisturizer to avoid getting your skin dried out.

2. DIY Skin Glowing African Black Soap.

You can also convert your african black soap to a skin glowing soap, making your skin glow and shine, thereby enhancing it’s appearance. All you need to do is add skin glowing ingredients to your soap.

You can read how to make a skin glowing black soap.

Note: Always ensure to use a good deep skin Moisturizer after using african black soaps, because they can dry out your skin after usage.

3. DIY Homemade Skin Glowing Carrot Soap.

Still on glowing soaps. If you really know the importance of carrot in skincare, you’ll quickly add it to your skin regime. Carrot juice, alone when used as a toner can tone your skin, making your skin look younger and even. Adding carrot extract to your soap is one of the best way to reap it’s full benefits.

Regular use of carrot soaps glows brightens and tones the skin. Carrot extracts such as carrot oil, carrot juice and carrot powder are known for their magnificent glowing effect it gives to the skin. This is one of the main reason why big skincare companies uses carrot extracts especially carrot oil in their skincare products.

You can read how to make a skin glowing carrot soap.

You can use your skin glowing carrot soap along side DIY organic skin glowing carrot lotion.

4. Cucumber Hydrating Soap.

Cucumber juice hydrates and moisturizes the skin, when i say moisturizes I mean deep moisturizing. Cucumber juice keeps the skin well moisturized and hydrated.

This is one of the main reason why cucumber juice is used in producing hydrating and moisturizing soaps.

Cucumber juice contains vitamin C, vitamin K, Vitamin B6, iron, Calcium, zinc, phosphorous etc. which are extremely beneficial for the health of the skin. Keeping the skin healthier and youthful.

Read how to make pure cucumber hydrating soap.

5. DIY Homemade Moisturizing Soap.

Moisturizing the skin remains the best way to achieve a healthy skin. Infact keeping the skin well hydrated gives the skin it’s natural glow and shine. Moisturizing is very vital and important to your skin, you wouldn’t like to see your skin dry out, or shrinked.

A moisturizing soap is a soap made with moisturizing and hydrating skincare Ingredients. These Ingredients in the soap supplies intense moisture to the skin, thereby battling dry and cracked skin keeping the skin well moisturized and hyderated.

Read how to make a DIY skin hydrating and moisturizing soap.

6. DIY Homemade Soap For Acne And Pimples.

Having acne or pimples can be so embarrassing and can lead to low self-esteem. Thanks to natural ingredients that can effortless get rid of acne/pimples. These acne killing natural ingredients are infused into soaps, these soaps are used to cleanse the affected area, which will get rid of the embarrassing acne/pimples.

You can read how to make DIY soap for acne and pimples.

7. How To Make A Nice DIY Scenting Bathing Soap.

Everyone loves that fresh scent when you’re bathing with a soap, makes you feel on top of the world, which also leaves your bathroom smelling nice.

This very soap, smells likes heaven. It can either be used for bathing or for laundry. Infact, it’s a multi-purpose soap.

You can read how to make a nice scenting DIY bathing soap.

8. DIY Homemade Laundry Soap.

Isn’t it great to make your own laundry soap? To take care of all your launderings. Then this article is just for your.

Read how to make a DIY laundry soap.

9. DIY Homemade Lactic Acid Soap.

Lactic acid is a popular anti-aging ingredient from the family of Alpha hydroxy acids, (AHA) it’s extracted from a sour milk, it comes in two forms, the powdered form and the liquid form.

the powdered form is whitish in colour,
While in the liquid form its colourless.

Lactic acid exfoliates the skin, serves as anti-aging ingredient and kills acne causing bacteria and leaves the skin pores clean. Infusing lactic acid to your soap is one way to reap it’s full benefits.

You can read how to make homemade lactic acid soap.

Note: Lactic Acid soap may tend to dry out your skin, use with a good skin moisturizer.


10. DIY Homemade Tumeric Soap.

Tumeric powder is a very medicinal powder which is used to cure so many health issues and also skin issues, its a powder packed with antibacterial and anticipated substances.

If you know about tumeric powder too well then you should know how powerful a tumeric soap can be.

You can read how to make a DIY homemade tumeric soap.

11 DIY Homemade Skin Lightening Soap.

Asides converting your african black soap to a lightening soap, There are other ways to make a skin lightening soap using your favourite soap, or a soap base.

This is by infusing skin lightening ingredients into these soaps to achieve your final goal.

You can read how to make a DIY skin lightening soap.

12. DIY Kojic Acid Soap.

Kojic acid is gotten from the famentation process of malting  rice, the production of kojic acid started from japan,  kojic acid is used for skin lightening as this acid goes deep into the skin to stop the further production of melanin.

Originally Kojic acid comes in a powder form, These powders are dissolved into liquid using double boiler method, then infused into soaps.

This soap automatically becomes a lightening and exfoliating soap, because a lightening and exfoliating ingredient has been added to it.

You can learn how to make a DIY Kojic acid soap.

13. DIY Fruit Soap.

Do you actually know you can make fruity soap?. Yes you actually can. In making a fruit soap you have to choose your favourite fruits or make a choice of fruits you’re going to use in the production of the fruit soap.

You can read how to make a DIY fruit soap.

If in any case you formulated your soap and it does not lather. You can read how to fix it. In formulating your DIY soap you need to add ingredients best suitable to you, and it’s interesting to let you know that some skincare ingredients needs to be dissolved before it can be added to your skincare DIY mix, else it will not incorporate well. You can learn how to dissolve some skincare ingredients before adding them to your DIY skincare mix.


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