Dark knuckles has been a major problem in skin lightening, I have seen some couple of individuals that has a fair skin tone but coming down to there knucles its messed up.

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Why is this? Some may say the lotion or the cream they use is not strong enough to lighten the knuckle area, that might be true,but do you know that some creams and lotions we apply has toxic ingredients that can mess up your knuckles?

That’s the more reason you need to be careful and make proper research before purchasing your skincare products,

Today’s articles will reveal to you the natural products that can battle dark knuckles effectively.



If you actually want to get rid of your dark knuckles, them lemon should be the first ingredient to try out.

Lemon juice has a very strong lightening and Exfoliating properties, it contains citric acid which has the ability to exfoliate your our knuckles (peeling off the outer layer of your skin) and many more properties such as vitamin C, infact  lemon juice is richly blest with vitamin C, vitamin C has the ability to lighten the skin area while citric acid exfoliates, you see why lemon should be your number one choice?

Just cut a lemon, extract its juice dab a cotton wool into the lemon juice and apply on your knuckles, leave it over night (if you don’t have a sensitive skin) if you have a sensitive skin wash off after 15-20 minutes

Almond oil
Almond oil is the mother of all oils, do you know almond oil can lighten your knuckles and make it supple and soft, yes it can, this very oil is very nourishing just like grape seed oil, just apply almond oil on your dark knuckles and massage your knuckles for 10-15minutes, do this every day you’ll be amazed.

Sugar and baking soda
Sugar contains glycolic acid and glycolic acid is among the exfoliating ingredients, and baking soda has lots of properties that fight dark spots, dark knuckles with the combination of both I don’t think your dark knuckles will not last a week, just mix powdered sugar and baking soda and scrub it on your dark knuckles for 20minutes (minor scrubbing to avoid getting bruises)
After scrubbing, leave it on your skin for another 5minutes, then wash off and apply moisturizer such as almond oil,



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