How to Know your MTN Number (In One Minute)


Ever since the coming of smartphone brands like Infinix, Tecno, Gionee, Itel, and other dual SIM mobile phones, many Nigerians have been owning more than a SIM card and this often leads to the lost or forgetfulness of a particular SIM number.

So if you’re a victim of this and you want to learn how to know your MTN number with ease, consider your problem solved as this tutorial will succinctly elucidate all the available options.

Obviously, MTN is by far the leading mobile network provider in the whole of Africa, and it’s equally the most patronized mobile network in the Nigerian telecommunication industry.

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Hence, there are numerous options available for you to check your MTN number within the twinkle of an eye. Yes, that’s how simple and easy these options are.

How to know your MTN number

Without much delay, the following are the only available and viable options you can embrace to know your MTN number in less than two minutes.

Option #1: By dialing the MTN USSD code

One of the great things to happen in the Nigerian telecommunication sector and the financial institutions is the availability of USSD code for remote and instant use.

That is to say, if you care for the easiest way to know your MTN number, you’ll have to adopt the same. Using the USSD code to check for your mobile number does not require any charges or internet connection.

All you have to do is to press *123# on your mobile dialer using that your same MTN SIM card. A pop up will appear on your screen then, kindly select 1 by choosing “My tools”;

After that, some other options will still pop out and select option 1 again. That’s all, your MTN number will be shown to you straight up.

However, if you feel like that step is too long for you to follow, you can at the same time dial  663# or 12311#  on your phone to see your MTN number instantly.

Option #2: Call a family or friend

This option can only be used if you have airtime on your phone and at the same time there’s a family member, friend or acquaintance near you.

To know your MTN number using this trick, dial the number of the person near you on your phone using that same MTN SIM card.

After the call must have gone through, hang up and copy the number out of the second person phone. And that’s all with this trick. Simple, isn’t?

Option #3: Using the “Call Me Back” feature

MTN NG is not just leading the communication industry on paper and by mouth, the company is doing so well in the industry that it has many enhanced features.

While you’re here to learn how to know your MTN number in two minutes, you can simply use this option too by sending a Call Me Back to a friend who’s close to you.

As better as this option is, it requires that the second party must be an MTN subscribe too. Other than that, simply dial *133# on your MTN SIM card to make use of this feature.

Option #4: By calling customer care

In addition, you can call the MTN customer care representative by dialing 121 on your phone. This cheat on how to know your MTN number can be adopted where the other options are not feasible.


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