How To Know The Network Of A Number

Are you confused as to what MTN lines start with? Do you the prefixes of GLO numbers but don’t know that of Airtel? Well, you’re not the only person in this mobile network mess. This guide will help with tips on how to know the network of any number that calls in to your mobile.

So if you are have been wondering which network does a particular number that has been disturbing you belong to, fret not, we’ll teach you how to know the network of a number with just a glance today.

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Ever since the mobile network providers have started using 081 and 090 as a number prefix; people have been finding it difficult to tell which mobile network does a particular number belongs to.

So put an end to your incessant search, confusion and wonder as we paddle you through the ocean of phone number prefixes and the network provider that owns and use them.

Specifically, this tutorial will focus on the four most popular and highly celebrated network providers in the telecommunications industry. That is MTN, Glo, 9mobile and Airtel.

  1. How to know MTN Number

MTN is the most used network in the Nigeria telecommunication industry and it is equally the easiest network to recognize its number.

So whenever you see a number that started with any of the following prefixes, no doubt, it is an MTN line: 0703, 0706, 0803 0806, 0810, 0813 0814, 0816, 0903 and 0906

  1. How to identify a GLO number

Glo numbers are also easy to identify as they usually start with 5 or 7 after the first 3 digits. So a Glo line will start with any of the following prefixes; 0705, 0805, 0807, 0811, 0815 and 0905

  1. How to know an Airtel number

In other to navigate through the hurdle of a mobile number craze, whenever you see any of the following prefixes in an unknown number, just know that it’s an Airtel line. 0701, 0708, 0802, 0808, 0812, 0902, 0907 and 0901.

  1. How to know a 9MOBILE number

Similarly, 9mobile have changed hands (ownership) for quite some time in the telecommunication industry but their mobile number still remains the same.

So if you have any of the following number on your phone book contact, be guided that such number belong to 9mobile: 0809, 0817, 0818, 0908 and 0909.


There you have them all. If you can master all the prefixes with respect to their mobile network, then your problem on how to know the network of a number will be solved.

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