Looking for ways to insert sim card in tecno spark 4 Android phone?The tecno spark 4 sim card slot is difficult to locate if you’re not conversant with the tecno spark android phone, including spark 2 and spark 3 phone altogether.

I guess the spark 3 pro presents the same difficulty as well. We had earlier discussed How to Insert SIM Card in Tecno Spark 2 and Tecno Spark3. Kindly go through it if you have enough time after  solving the current issue on putting your Sim Card in Tecno Spark 4 Android Phone.
Unlike smartphones of the early days, today’s smartphones can be very confusing in a lot of aspects ranging from the operating systems, softwares, and even complicated physical builds. With this guide on how to insert sim card in Tecno spark 4 Android phone  you shouldnt  fret.
If you have other  “seemingly complicated” latest android phones  issues, I guess we can still solve it for you, all you need to do is bookmark this site and that’s all.

How to Insert sim card in Tecno spark 4 Android phone

Like most latest smartphones around today, the Tecno spark 4 comes with an irremovable, inbuilt battery. While there’s a removable back panel on some older phone models which also have inbuilt batteries, your Tecno spark 4 phone has no removable back panel.
What does this implies?  Meaning that your SIM cards and removable memory stick do not go in the back but rather either through the top, bottom, or on any side, usually on the opposite sides of the volume or power button, depending on the particular device in your possession.
For the Tecno spark 4, these little chips are meant to go in through the top left side of the phone while you’re looking unto the screen.
Without further ado, this is How to Insert sim card in Tecno spark 4 Android phone:

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Step One: Examine all accessories

This step is one of the most essential as it will guide you through the rest of the things that should be done if you need to insert a SIM card in Tecno spark 4 android phone.
Immediately you unbox your new techno spark 4 phone, check the box for all important accessories included chargers, cords, and a needle.
How to Insert Sim Card in Tecno Spark 4 Android Phone
This needle or pin is usually a thin piece of metal as indicated in the picture above. It is a very useful tool for ejecting the SIM tray before you can insert a SIM in a Tecno spark 4 phone which is why the phone’s manufacturer makes sure to include it in the phone’s package. If this is present, then you’re good to go.

Step Two: Switch off your phone

In the case that your Tecno spark 4 phone has been switched on, endeavor to switch it off before embarking on this procedure so as to prevent events of data loss. You can switch off your phone through the traditional method of holding down the power button and following the prompt.

Step Three: Eject the SIM tray

On your Tecno spark 4 android phone, there is a slim long column on the top left side of the phone while you’re looking into the screen.
This is the SIM tray where your SIM cards should go into.
You have to eject this tray by pushing the tray-ejecting needle through the tiny pinhole located just outside the SIM tray.

To eject this SIM tray, gently push the SIM-tray ejecting needle through the tiny pin hole, and apply a little bit more pressure until the tray pops up.
insert sim card in Tecno spark 4

Step Four: Insert SIM

When the SIM tray pops out, remove the ejecting needle and gently pull out the SIM tray to expose fully.

As soon as  that is been done, you will notice three different chambers on the SIM tray. The largest chamber is where you place a removable memory card if you want to.
The remaining two chambers are Nano SIM card ports which should contain two SIM cards on your Tecno spark 4 Android phone.

You can now go ahead to place your SIM card appropriately, making sure that it sits well in the allocated chamber or else, you may encounter some issues with your phone recognizing your SIM card.

Step Five: Replace the SIM tray

If you have properly placed your SIM on the SIM tray, it is now time to replace the SIM tray. For this procedure there is no need for the SIM tray ejecting needle.
Using your thumb and forefinger, simply pick up the SIM tray now containing one or more SIM cards and gently push back through the SIM tray slot until it locks again like it was in the first place.
You can now go ahead to switch on your phone because that is how to insert SIM card in Tecno spark 4 Android phone.
If your SIM card is not recognized by your phone when you switch it on, check if the problem is with your SIM card network provider, or make sure to follow all the steps in this guide to make sure that you place your SIM card in the SIM tray properly.


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