Confidence is important to self-esteem, mood, and well-being. Having a good amount of confidence is also crucial for successful relationships in both personal and professional life. However, sometimes we go through periods when our confidence levels are lower than we wish they would be.

In fact, there are a lot of benefits of self-confidence that can improve your quality of life. Before we get to that, it is important to know that mental illness can cause someone to have low self-esteem and confidence. If you feel like you need to improve your mental  health in addition to raising your confidence, you should check out the fantastic resources at BetterHelp.

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Why is Confidence Important?

Confidence can help you in your life and relationships. It can help you feel confident in your performance and help you meet goals. When we are confident in the work we do, then we can focus on the completion of tasks more. This can increase productivity and the quality of our work.

Confidence can also help us build stronger relationships. We will be able to communicate better and remain assertive. The positive aspects of self-esteem can also help us understand other people’s accomplishments and failures. It can also help us branch out to meet new people and try new experiences.

Finally, it can help us build resistance to life’s inevitable challenges. IT allows us to face adversity and come back just as strong, if not stronger than we were before.


But how can you improve confidence levels?

Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of your body and overall health is a great first step towards improved mental health and confidence. Just being good to yourself can help to raise your self-esteem.

Eating healthy foods can help us feel more energetic and healthier. It is hard to be confident when you eat fast food all of the time and you feel full and bloated. Instead, try to get 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day!

Regular exercise is crucial for self-image, confidence, and mood. Sleep is also important and poor sleep can make it difficult to remain positive. Try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day of the week.

Don’t Compare Yourself with Peers

We often look at the things other people do and say, as well as how they look, as a way to compare ourselves to them. With the prominence of social media, it is possible to constantly compare yourself to others, but you should try to avoid doing so.

It is not good for confidence and self-esteem to compare every aspect of our lives to the internet or real-life portrayals of other people. The envy we feel for others can make us feel about our own situation and appearance.

However, envy is probably impossible to avoid completely. But when you begin to feel envious or jealous of someone else, try keeping a gratitude journal. Write three things each day that you are grateful for. This can help us focus on our own life and highlights the positive things about ourselves, our experiences, and our situation.

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Interact with Others

Social interaction is important, and as long as you are with positive people, it can boost your mood and your confidence. Your friends and family can support you when you are down and help you feel good about yourself.

When we consistently spend time with positive people, our own thoughts and behaviors will be influenced in a good way. If you find that someone that you regularly see often brings you down, then you may want to limit, or even end that relationship. Your well-being is too important for excessive negativity.

Be Kind

It is important for you own confidence and self-esteem to be kind to others and yourself. Compassionate behavior can help you grow accustomed to empathy and flexibility. This can help you respond to challenges in a positive way that does not deteriorate your confidence levels.

Part of being kind to yourself is healthy self-talk. Self-talk can help you overcome doubts, fears, and challenges that you may face. Negative self-talk can harm your self-esteem and make you doubt your own abilities.

Accomplish Goals

Confidence is built by accomplishments, both large and small. If you set regular goals, then you will feel better about yourself as you consistently meet those goals. Just tell yourself, or even write down, the things that you will do each day, week, month, and even year.

As you achieve these goals you will start to feel good about yourself. Progress doesn’t have to be big, and goals can take time. But as long as you see that you are making progress, your confidence may increase.

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This can also help you stop procrastinating and putting things off. Reaching goals can increase your confidence and make you more likely to face difficult situations and things that you may fear.

Even when you do not reach your goals, you may find that the consequences aren’t as bad as your mind made them out to be. This can help you achieve more by trying more in the future.


While confidence levels can fluctuate a lot, doing these things can help to gradually increase the confidence you have in your own abilities, accomplishments, and overall lifestyle. Try to be grateful for the things you have and congratulate yourself for the goals you achieve and just for trying hard to do better in your day to day life.

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