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Welcome to mitrobe network, In today’s guide, I will be showing you how to Hack Bank Account in Nigeria Successfully without any hitches. However, you’re doing this at your own personalized risk.

A Lot of people fall victim to bank hacking almost every day in Nigeria, some due to ignorance while others due to greed.

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If you are looking for ways on how to hack bank account in Nigeria, then read through this post, you will get to know how bank accounts are hacked in Nigeria. Before sharing this post, I’d like to share a disclaimer.

Disclaimer: This post is strictly meant for educational purposes only. To help ignorant people not to fall victim to online scammers. However, if you choose to use the tips from this post for other activities, you’re solely responsible for the consequences. Mitrobenetwork will not be held responsible for anyone’s action.

With that in mind, let’s proceed to the main reason for today’s post. There quite a number of ways bank account are being hacked in Nigeria, we will be considering the top 3 methods hackers use to exploit bank accounts in Nigeria.

How To Hack Bank Account In Nigeria

  1. Phishing Method
  2. Keylogging Method
  3. Bank Message Method

1. Phishing Method

Phishing simply involves creating a dummy website, like a clone of a popular website such as Facebook or a shopping site like Jumia. In this method, the hacker creates a website, typically an E-commerce Website, since he hopes to collect bank details. Then promotes the website through social media to get users.

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He might even reduce the price of the items in the shopping cart to get people to purchase. During the payment, the transaction is not secure, thus leading to the site administrator having access to the raw card details through the backend of the website.

The hacker collects as many card details as possible. The details to collect is the card number, name expiring date, and the CVV code. The hacker then uses the card details he has collected to make purchases online through the person’s account. Some Nigerian banks have a 2 step authentication process where they send an OTP to the registered number to verify the transaction.

In this case, the card is not useful to the attacker. However, if you use the card to buy stuff from sites outside Nigeria (ie payment in foreign Currencies), it bypasses the OTP authentication.

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Tools needed to achieve this.

  • Laptop with an internet connection
  • A website or a web developer as the case may be
  • Domain name and web hosting plan

2. Keylogging Method

Keylogging involves sending a Trojan horse to the target computer usually through an email or a push notification. The Trojan is installed in the person’s computer and relations undetected. The aim is to track activities on the keyboard. Let’s set the person who wants to make an online purchase. 

He will enter his card details and login credentials which will be sent to the attacker via notification to a remote system. The information from this Trojan horse can be used directly to login to the victims’ accounts on virtually all platforms including their internet banking platform. 

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The attacker simply transfers the money from the amount to an account, usually to PayPal or through paystack, since there’s an end to end encryption. It will be difficult to track the transaction.

This method is very effective but requires knowledge of some technical stuff such as hacking. But the attacker can simply outsource the services of a hacker to develop the malware for them.

3. Bank Message Method

At some point in time a lot of us have come across messages stating “Due to system upgrade, your account is at risk of being closed and requires immediate action. Contact 08********** to begin the reactivation process”.

That’s basically what this method entails in a not shell. Sending mass emails to different numbers with the hope of getting at least one victim to reply with their BVN and card details to help them reactivate.

Once the victim calls to get help for their account activation, the hacker acts professionally to give the victim a sense of authenticity and validation.

They proceed and promise to help the victim but to do so, they will need the BVN and card details of the person. Some actually send them the requested details. The attacker will now make use of the card details to make purchases in foreign countries or transfer funds to their PayPal account.

Although this method is gradually becoming ineffective since most Banks are massively sensitizing their customers as to the invalidity of such messages. Some people still fall victim to such messages and hackers can use that to exploit and hack into people’s accounts. The tools needed to achieve this are listed below.

  • Bulk SMS Website
  • Laptop with an internet connection
  • List of active Nigerian numbers (some hackers randomly generate numbers using a software)
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There you have it, 3 solid ways on how to hack bank account in Nigeria. As mentioned above this post is meant to educate and protect you by showing you how attackers hack bank accounts in Nigeria, and not intended as a means for defrauding others. Use this post wisely and at your own risk.


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