What causes loss of voice
The bacteria behind loss of voice is called acute laryngitis (inflammation of the vocal cords) caused most often by an upper respiratory tract infection.
And this is as a result of over used or miduse of the voice, such as yelling, singing and so on.

Normally this infection takes 1-2weeks before it goes on it’s own, but if it persists then you have a chronic laryngitis,

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We are really blest with nature, a lot of home remedies are very useful and important for our well being
There are some home remedies to get rid of this very infection, this article is going to guide you  how to use this precious home remedies.



Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar contains antibacterial properties which fights bacterias and inflammation,

What to do
 Add two tea spoons of raw undiluted apple cider vinegar and one tea spoon of Honey in half glass of water, stir to mix it up properly, drink this everyday, you will be amazed with it’s rapid response to your health issue.

We all know what garlic is, its used for spicing up foods in the kitchen, but garlic has a powerful antibacterial and antioxidant properties that can battle laryngitis.

What to do
• Slice the ginger into thin pieces, get a kettle put the sliced ginger into the kettle and add a cup of water into it,and place it on the heater.

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When it boils for 5-6 minutes, bring it down, allow it to cool, drink this up, once a day.

Salt and warm water
Salt fights bacteria and inflammation with immediate effect, and fighting laryngitis with salt will be such a good idea,

What to do
Add a spoon of salt in a half glass cup of warm water, gargle this this up twice a day, you’ll see some changes.

Honey has the ability to calm your irritated throat as, it will soothen and also moisturize that irritated area.

What to do
• Simply swallow two tea spoons of honey, do this twice a day and you’re a few steps closer to your healing.

Lemon/Lime juice
Due to its acidic nature, this home remedies  fights anything bacteria infection and inflammation, as its blest with antibacterial properties,

What to do
• Extract the lemon/lime juice, add a tea spoon of honey to it,and drink it up, do this twice a day,

That is all i’m very sure with all this home remedies laryngitis is gone forever.

Your health is our concern

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