How to Generate OTP/Token for Access Bank

Access Bank

Tokens are security devices used to generate encrypted codes for transactions internet banking and online transactions. Some years Access and GT bank uses the hardware token for their customers.

Customers pay for the devices and use them for each of their transactions, but due to daily advancement in Fintech, the bankers have moved on to provide something more cost-effective, durable and super-reliable, by making it possible for all of their customers to be able to generate the token codes from the comfort of their mobile device by using dedicated USSD shortcode.

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  • I will show you how to get Access bank token from your mobile
  • How to use the token to initiate an online transaction successfully.

Access bank has three tokenization method, they have what they call the mini, pocket and soft token, in this guide we will focus more on the soft token, which 100% electronically generated which means that you do not need to have the hardware token from the bank to perform a transaction, you can easily generate one from your mobile phone anytime you need to.

The token is a number string that obligates you to use each time you use the internet banking service. In order to use the token, start the mobile app, key in PIN. Once you enter the token number, you’re enabled to perform transactions outside/on mobile application Access Bank.

Generate Access Bank OTP

To get a hard token from access bank, you must be a client of Access Bank and you must have registered on their internet banking platform.

You can register by visiting any Access Bank closest to you and submitting an application form for Internet Banking. Additionally, you can register online at, the bank’s website.

The Access bank token number is currently issued at the cost of N1,500.

Steps and How to Use the Token

Generating Access Bank OTP code is not far fetched. You can generate an OTP if you are an access bank customer, usually, when you make online purchases, for example, you decided to buy on one of the top online shopping sites in Nigeria, you will be required to enter an OTP-One Time Password, which is a security feature from your bank, usually, your banker ( Access Bank) will have the code sent to your mobile phone automatically before the merchant can eventually charge you for your purchase.

All you need to do is to make sure that you mobile number used to register your account with Access bank is available and has no message restriction settings such as DND etc.

If you still not get the OTP sent to you automatically, you can use the method above to generate a token to complete the transaction.

We’re still not very sure if Access bank is offering customers to the ability the generate token from their mobile app or VIA USSD code, we shall do further findings and get this page updated as soon as we find something real.


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